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Photo of Andrew Macintosh

Andrew Macintosh

Director of client management, G2G3, part of Capita

With a background specialising in communications across multiple platforms, Andrew is passionate about creating and building technology solutions that drive engagement across organisations. Andrew now concentrates on designing engagement strategies and products that help deliver real and lasting behavioural change within organisations.

“One of the key challenges if you work in a knowledge based business - which we all do – is having time to think and therefore innovate, come up with new products and processes, find different ways of doing things.

If the new collaborative technologies coming on to the market are used properly they can significantly reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we have to work through and the time we spend answering emails. They can shorten conversations; they can be more like a Facebook page where you can see the whole thread in real time. They can give us more time to do quality thinking and that’s a real benefit.

This isn’t about more collaboration so much as getting involved in the right things at the right time and keeping those collaborations short, punchy and as relevant as possible."

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