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Photo of Bruce Forbes

Bruce Forbes

Solutions director, Capita

Bruce is responsible for the IT solutions that underpin many of Capita’s large scale contracts and has been at the forefront of trialling RPA across several major contracts. He previously worked at a senior level across a number of FTSE 100 companies, including the Financial Times group where he was responsible for Global Operations.

“Introducing robotic process automation (RPA) can facilitate a significant improvement in outputs in situations where IT input and reporting processes currently need considerable manual intervention. However, RPA is not necessarily always a direct replacement for other outsourcing solutions such as off-shoring.

Areas suited to the application of RPA need to be identified rigorously, as not all processes are ideal candidates, but in many cases we have seen over 80% of transactions automated and cost savings of 70% made against manual alternatives. Good examples include the repetitive processing of data from multiple systems such as that required in certain Council Tax collection processes and the provision of illustrations for long term insurance policy holders.

What has experience shown us? Well, careful planning and design are crucial. No organization has the same legacy system and process mix, and although the tools are generic, bespoke design is needed to reflect local requirements."

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