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Photo of Dr Suraj Bassi

Dr Suraj Bassi

Principal Consultant, Capita health and care transformation

Dr. Suraj Bassi is a clinician with over 10 years experience in healthcare consultancy. He is currently working as a principal consultant within Capita’s health and care transformation team. He has a particular interest in integrated care and in enabling transformation in complex healthcare systems. Most recently he has been advising NHS England on how to create additional capacity within primary care for GPs to take on a more central role in delivering integrated care services.

“Integrated Care Systems are one of the most ambitious programmes that the NHS has embarked on for decades. Whilst there is a lot of advice on the future vision and on what a fully realised integrated care system would look like, detail is still emerging on what needs to be done now. One thing that gives me real hope is that NHS England has had the courage to let vanguards try different approaches to integration, and to let them pilot innovative models of care locally.”

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