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Photo of Leonard Hayes

Leonard Hayes

Technical director, AMT-SYBEX, part of Capita

With over 25 years’ experience working within the utilities, national infrastructure and energy markets, solving business problems using creative technology solutions, Len is now responsible for all product development at digital mobile solution experts AMT-SYBEX, developing a number of software patents across a range of technologies.

“Digital maturity is happening all around us, customer expectations are growing and government is forcing industries to get on board. Getting ahead of the curve won’t be easy, but taking steps now is essential if companies and industries want to remain competitive. Consumers expect information at their fingertips, knowledge is no longer something we research or even download; its information, facts and data at the touch of a button. The explosion of consumer devices has meant “real-time” information is no longer a concept but a tangible expectation, one which networks and industries ignore at their cost. The time has come for companies to harness the technology available to them and extend existing digital threads throughout their business. The results of which can only be the generation of more intelligence based business decisions which ultimately lead to better customer service. “


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