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Photo of Rachel Kuftinoff

Rachel Kuftinoff

Learning consultancy director, Capita Learning Services

Rachel has 25 years' experience in adult learning, and has a broad and varied background in learning & development within global organisations. At Capita, Rachel provides in-depth advice and guidance to L&D functions, helping clients to align learning to business goals, eliminate wasted effort and reduce costs. Rachel also has significant experience in centralising L&D for global and EMEA organisations.

“Demonstrating the impact of learning on business performance is one of the most difficult things to do as a learning professional. However, by using analytics and benchmarking techniques, we can help organisations to assess the true effectiveness of their L&D function and to understand the business impact of learning – protecting learning by proving its value.

I get enormous satisfaction from engaging with clients who have a desire and passion to improve L&D within their organisations. I work with them to drive the performance of learning for their businesses, helping them to identify how and where we can innovate and refine to ensure their teams are effectively equipped to drive success. “

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