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8 November 2016

Capita, Updata Infrastructure and SSE Enterprise Telecoms sign major fixed line network sharing deal

Seven year strategic partnership doubles regional network footprint for SSE Enterprise Telecoms and gives Updata and Capita plc a new high availability, terabit capacity, national optical network for major outsourcing projects.

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has agreed a large scale, fixed line network sharing deal with Capita plc and Updata Infrastructure, part of the Capita group.  The partnership allows each company to share the physical network assets of the other over the term of the seven year agreement.

For the 300+ IT & Telecoms service provider customers who use SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ (SSE) National Ethernet connectivity services, the deal will double their SSE service coverage from 250,000 business postcodes to over 500,000. For SSE, the deal shaves two years off its planned network expansion programme (“Project Edge”), reduces the cost of network expansion by at least 50%, and adds 350 BT Exchanges to the SSE network footprint.

Updata and Capita will see each of their eight regional data centres connected directly and diversely to SSE’s national fibre optic network. This new capability will provide rapidly scalable, high availability, highly secure (CESG CAS-T) connectivity for their major government and corporate clients.

The network is further engineered to deliver high performance, low latency synchronous replication, cloud service aggregation, network service orchestration and managed IT service delivery to their customer sites nationwide.

We’re very happy to announce our new commercial arrangement with SSE Enterprise Telecoms which will enable each party to address new market opportunities. It’s very important to us that our customers gain access to the kind of robust, scalable, high capacity networking fabric that SSE provides nationally.

Connecting our assets together in a way that allows each to share the benefits of the other just made sense. Specifically, this will allow us to provide dedicated networking services to enterprise-sized clients who need connectivity in all corners of the UK.

Béatrice Butsana-Sita

Managing director, Updata

It is extremely exciting to be announcing such a significant agreement to the IT & telecoms market. Network and infrastructure sharing models like this are commonplace in mobile telephony markets, but very unusual on this scale in fixed line telecoms.

Doubling our service footprint in a relatively short period of time will make us one of the largest fixed line telecoms providers in the UK at a stroke. When combined with our reputation for reliability and service delivery performance, it will allow many thousands more businesses to benefit from our brand of high capacity, high availability services more cost effectively than ever before.

Colin Sempill

Managing director, SSE Enterprise Telecoms

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