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22 September 2017

Capita and ŠKODA bring online live showroom directly to customers

In collaboration with ŠKODA UK, Capita Customer Management has delivered the ŠKODA Live Tour – an innovative new online technique that marries traditional customer service with smart technology enabling the car manufacturer to stream their showroom directly to potential customers, to their smartphone, tablet or computer.

It is the first time a car manufacturer in the UK has committed to using technology in this way, creating a purpose-built showroom-studio that enhances the customer buying experience, and further develops its sales channel.

Working alongside ŠKODA’s other partners - Whisbi, Volkswagen Group and Xpression Events – using its customer management experience and expertise, Capita sourced and recruited a team of Product Hosts to be the vital link between the customer and the cars to provide the tour and reveal the features of the newly released Kodiaq SUV and 2017 Octavia. In collaboration with ŠKODA’s own Product Trainer and Whisbi, Capita took the team through a comprehensive training programme which included brand awareness, vehicle features and live video presentation techniques.

In parallel, Capita worked with both VWG IS and Whisbi to install and set-up the fixed and mobile technology that allows the Product Hosts to deliver this new and exciting immersive customer experience - that brings the cars to life in a way that goes beyond what brochures, websites and advertising alone can achieve.

The Live Tour provides potential customers with an on-demand, personalised tour of selected vehicles, changed every two months. It instantly connects the customer to a ŠKODA Product Host who talks through the car’s features and, through wall mounted cameras or by using their smartphones, can zoom in on particular details of interest to the potential customer.

Launched in April this year the Live Tour has been an instant success. To date, it has led to 928 customer conversations leading to 249 test drive bookings for the ŠKODA retailer network, which represents a conversion rate of approximately 27 per cent - data period 06/04/17 to 27/07/17.

This is the first time an approach like this has been adopted. SKODA wanted to work with us as their partner to make the showroom experience personal and more convenient for the customer. People are using it to view cars before booking a test drive, while others use it to show their partner what car they are interested in without the need to leave the house. We have even had retailers using the system to manage customer queries at busy times. The innovative technique is an industry first, taking car buying to a new level and engaging potential customers like never before. We are connecting the latest technology with expert talent to address the changing nature of people’s retail buying experiences.

Martin Lettin

Operations manager, Capita Customer Management

The Live Tour has helped bring our products directly to consumers - in their homes, offices and when out and about, as all someone needs to immerse themselves in the experience is access to a smartphone, tablet or computer. The partnership has allowed us to make the retail experience much more accessible to customers, via the digital world.

Jonathan Harris

New retail concepts manager, ŠKODA

The ŠKODA Live Tour is open for viewing from 10.30am to 9.30pm, seven days a week.

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