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25 July 2017

Capita brings local government software businesses under one roof

Capita has moved to enhance its software offering to local authorities and social housing organisations, helping them further improve the services they provide to citizens, by combining its local government software businesses under a single umbrella.

Uniquely placed to provide an ever-important single view of a citizen throughout their life journey, Capita’s One range of software solutions will help local authorities transform to deliver more effective services to their communities.

Capita’s software solutions already helps 95% of local authorities transform the experience of those delivering and receiving public services and improving outcomes for the most vulnerable.

Capita’s One range of local government and social housing software helps councils:

  • Provide the right homes: by helping housing associations understand tenants’ lives and act early to changing situations, residents as a result benefit from access to safe, suitable homes;
  • Identifying vulnerable children and supporting their education: by helping authorities spot those at risk by tracking attendance, attainment and exclusions, ensuring they get the right support;
  • Quickly identify and support the needs of elderly residents: multi-agency teams are kept informed of specific needs and can provide additional support when required.

In recent years we have seen local authorities evolve the way they operate. Departments across the organisation, whether it’s the teams providing benefits or social care support, are now much more joined up, helping to provide services which meet the unique needs of families and individuals. By bringing our local government software under one umbrella, we can provide local authorities and social housing providers with a more holistic view of their communities and help connect the dots, ensuring they make better informed decisions and provide the right support to enable people to achieve happy, fulfilled lives.

Anthony Singleton

Managing director, Capita’s suite of One software products

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