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7 June 2017

Capita harnessing automation to reduce benefits claim times in local government

Capita has added an automation function to its benefits software, helping councils reduce claim processing times to less than two minutes - 20 times quicker than processing the same form manually.

Advantage Revenues and Benefits’ automation enables councils to deliver further efficiency by releasing employees from the time-consuming tasks of data re-entry and manual processing for lower risk claims, instead allowing them to focus on the more complex claims requiring greater scrutiny to ensure protection at the 'claim gateway'.  

Automation can improve the service local authorities offer their customers, who can now submit their claim online and could receive confirmation of their entitlements automatically.

The automation capability is fully configurable to manage any claim type, including those subject to risk-based verification. It is easily and quickly configured, working alongside existing online assessments and applications processes to identify and manage these assessments from start to finish.

Automation will bring significant benefits to local authorities by not only reducing cost through improved productivity but, more importantly, it will provide the most vulnerable in society with easier and faster access to benefit entitlements. The automation upgrade to our revenues and benefits solution is truly flexible - it is configurable to meet the needs of our clients, and can be managed to evolve with future requirements. It provides a full audit trail for claims, is cost-effective, delivers a strong return on investment and will help our local authority clients to continue to deliver outstanding services to their customers.

Anthony Singleton

Managing director of Capita’s Advantage suite of software

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