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20 December 2017

More than 10km of cycling routes planned for Salford

These cycle paths are part of a £940,000 package of highways, cycling, and pedestrian routes across the borough, being delivered by Urban Vision, our partnership with Salford City Council.

Urban Vision, working with contractor Galliford Try, has also worked on a series of towpaths, pedestrian routes and cycle path improvements across Salford, and will deliver around 28km of new and improved infrastructure by the end of 2018.

The partnership is now looking at the next phase of investment, with a series of routes worth around £500,000 each being examined. Feasibility studies have already been completed for a number of potential schemes.

If the funding is secured, a number of routes, including a cycle path linking Monton and Swinton, are already fully planned. It is estimated the new routes would cost around £450,000 to £500,000 each to build, and would take around 12 months from design to practical completion.

The route between Monton and Swinton has yet to secure funding to allow construction work to begin, but if the scheme secure the necessary backing, it is estimated that up to 10km of additional cycling routes could be added in the borough in the next two to three years.

The paths are being designed as arterial routes to help link the region’s infrastructure, including schools, business parks, regional town centres, and transport hubs. The routes include the Port Salford Greenway, Roe Green Loopline, Tyldesley Loopline and Ellenbrook Loopline.

The Port Salford Greenway, which cost £1.3m, was completed this year and was delivered across two phases.

Other projects currently under way include the £2.7m New Bailey Gateway Project, which started in July 2017, which will improve highways and routes linking the New Bailey development with Manchester City Centre. The first phase is due to complete by the end of the year, while the second phase will start on site in spring 2019.

Urban Vision has also helped to work up a masterplan for Salford’s Greengate, which will include a public park and boulevard, alongside potentially five new high-rise towers.

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