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18 April 2018

Broadcaster renews Capita Audience Services contract

New contract extends long-term BBC partnership to 25 years

Capita has been awarded a contract to provide BBC Audience Services for another five years, with the option to extend by a further two years, following a competitive tender process.

Taking Capita and the broadcaster’s partnership to 25 years, the new contract will involve Capita further enhancing the Audience Services’ offering by making the most of new technology provided by both Capita and third parties.

Audience Services, delivered in partnership with the BBC with a team of 100 people at Capita’s offices in Belfast, provides a range of services including answering enquiries from the public on its programmes and services; capturing valuable audience feedback to inform services; taking donations on behalf of Radio 4 and Lifelines Appeals; managing the initial stage of the corporation’s complaints process, and attracting audiences to Studio recordings.

Capita and the BBC have worked in partnership since 1999 when the company first took over the corporation’s Information Service. The two teams have worked closely to develop the award-winning service by providing additional support services and new ways for the audience to engage.

The BBC is one of Capita’s longest-standing clients. We are delighted to be awarded this contract, as it is a testament to the strength of our partnership. We have worked closely over the last 19 years to deliver new services to the audience. With this contract, we will continue to support this effort. Utilising new, innovative technology, including our own digital capabilities, we will work with the BBC to enhance the overall experience for its audiences.

Mike Barnard

Private sector executive director, Capita

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