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26 January 2018

New app from Capita SIMS tackles schools’ GDPR requirements

The experts at Capita SIMS have created a new app to help manage many of the data collection, reporting and updating requirements of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Launched at Bett 2018, SIMS Parent Lite will be available at no extra charge to more than 21,000 schools who use the core modules of the SIMS management information system. Once parents download the app, schools can send notifications to check contact details, consent and medical information is correct and school data is kept up to date in line with GDPR.

Countless hours of administration time are saved as the process of data checking is fully automated. What’s more, with no paper trail, data security is maintained. Schools retain control of their data as any changes parents request are approved centrally before being updated in the core SIMS system.

Keeping information up to date has never been more important, both legally and in terms of keeping parents engaged. Schools want to focus on getting the right information to parents at the right time, so they can help their child and raise achievement. They do not want to be wasting time checking that information is going to the right home address or email account. With SIMS Parent Lite, that is all taken care of for them.

Graham Cooper

Head of education, Capita SIMS

SIMS Parent Lite is the entry level version of Capita’s full parental communications solution, SIMS Parent, which keeps parents informed of all activities in their children’s school life, such as timetable information, homework and achievements.

SIMS Parent Lite is available on iOS, Android and via a mobile enabled web site.

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