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26 January 2018

Unlock pupils’ love of reading with new online tool to tailor literacy learning

Library software experts Micro Librarian Systems (MLS) and award-winning librarian Adam Lancaster, have created a unique online tool to help provide schools with a clear picture of what motivates young readers. 

The principle behind their approach is that focused attention on individual students and a deeper understanding of what motivates pupils to read is what is required to develop a student’s love of reading.

Launched at Bett 2018 (stand B190), the Impact Through Reading solution simplifies the process of identifying which reading materials will help a student develop their desire to read for pleasure. The software can then evidence the difference this enjoyment makes to their overall academic ability, helping librarians and teachers identify and measure the impact of improved reading on student achievement.

The Impact Through Reading solution includes a tool to enable each individual student to undertake an engaging online survey, examining their specific attitudes to reading and their interests outside of school. Using the responses, a profile is built for each student, including a diagnostic attitude to reading statement and a series of data reports for teachers along with supporting materials for parents to help with their child’s reading at home. Correlated with reading and spelling age tests, the Impact Through Reading solution helps librarians and teachers eliminate any barriers that might be stifling reading enjoyment.

The solution is embedded in the MLS Reading Cloud school library management system, which analyses the responses to help the teacher or librarian pinpoint which resources are available to suit each child. A reluctant reader would find something based on their love of football much more engaging than other texts and so reading material on the topics that are of most interest can be presented to the child when they next log into the library system. Teachers can also use the information to tailor learning in class to the child’s individual tastes.

Impact Through Reading ensures every child has the individual attention needed to help raise their reading level and therefore improve their progress overall. Teachers can support the best reading strategies for each child in their class, and turn a weekly timetable of 25 classes in a secondary school into the equivalent of 25 hours of reading reinforcement.

Adam Lancaster

Former assistant headteacher and SLA school librarian of the year 2012/2013

Graham Cooper, head of education at Micro Librarian Systems’ parent company, Capita Education Software Solutions, said: “By helping schools foster a love of reading, Impact Through Reading enables young people, teachers, parents and librarians to work together to boost reading skills. Ultimately, by understanding and improving a child’s attitude to reading, children can access more of the curriculum and achieve better, both in and out of school.”

Impact Though Reading is available to all customers of Micro Librarians Systems’ Reading Cloud.

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