Capita Hosts TED at London’s Science Museum

We held our first ever TED event on 12 September, as part of our new partnership.

An impressive line-up of TED speakers gave their perspectives on what the future of work and learning will look like.In the words of Juliet Blake, Head of TV for TED: “In this hyper-connected, fast-paced world, it’s quite easy to feel depressed about the future.” With so much technology changing the way we live and work in so many ways, so quickly, this is hardly a surprise. However, after being part of an inspiring event, held at the Science Museum, the room was filled with a lot more optimism and just a little bit of anticipation for the future.


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TED Hosts Capita at Edinburgh’s TEDSummit2019

In July 2019, Capita led a unique 90-minute, interactive workshop at the TEDSummit in Edinburgh.

Living in Beta: Sparking Curiosity attracted more than 50 delegates, including some of the most dynamic business leaders and thinkers from across the TED community. Capita’s Chief Growth Officer, Ismail Amla, co-hosted the workshop with Andy Hagerman, CEO at The Design Gym. Sparking Curiosity explores how learning happens throughout life, and how we can nurture and grow a curious mindset. This consistent appetite for progress is what we at Capita have termed a ‘beta mindset’.


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