Organisations are operating in an increasingly complex environment

The speed and scale of disruption is challenging the traditional ways of doing things.

The Capita Institute works with thought leaders inside and outside Capita to analyse macro trends, provide practical insights and stimulate original thinking in order to help our clients make better decisions.

Through asking better questions we aim to understand the challenges our clients face, explore the implications for them and re-imagine the possibilities.

This isn’t about sitting in an ivory tower, future gazing. We know that our clients need facts based on credible research that can be used to debate different options and construct a viable way forward. Therefore, we work hard to filter ideas and future trends through a number of tests to make sure that they are relevant to you. And we work hard to bring our research to life as a compelling story, not a suite of statistics.

This is about providing real insights and original thinking. It’s about debating options, rather than channelling fixed solutions. It’s about working with and for you to guide you to better understand the challenges you face, and to help you take full advantage of the opportunities that the ever changing environment provides.

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Organisational transformation: Some goals for 2020

Thinking about the future...

As the future seems more unpredictable than ever, Capita is supporting organisations to manage the uncertainty by preparing them for a range of potential scenarios and outcomes.  Welcome to our ‘Future of’ series.

The 'Future of" series

Today’s business world is in constant flux.

It requires continuous upskilling and reskilling focused on growth and creativity. As our world evolves, technology, AI and automation will reshape the traditional jobs that exist today.

The future of learning

We find ourselves on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution. Intimidating as it may sound, it’s also immensely exciting: with the rapid pace of technological development, the future we face holds almost infinite possibilities. To get a clearer idea of what lies ahead of us, it’s worth taking a step back to look at some of the macro trends changing our world. Listen to Oli Freestone, our Head of Institute discuss the future of learning.

The future of work

Robot wars or automation alliances?

Capita has collaborated with Professor Lynda Gratton, Hotspots Movement and BritainThinks, to look at how the world of work is changing.

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