Intelligent software, virtual reality and the power of analytics are already transforming learning within businesses and schools.

But with a myriad of technologies, how do we identify the true game changers from hype and hyperbole? How can new systems and emerging digital trends improve the experience of the learner, the role of the educator and change the learning environment itself?

As the future becomes the present, we’ll explore how to combine the best of both on and offline learning, how to truly personalise education and how to use automation and data to dramatically improve the role of the teacher.

Research: Using machines to complement the work of humans

In the workplace, machines will complement, not replace, humans. We need to develop the skills that help us seize the opportunities and overcome the limitations they present us.

Hear from Stephen Johnson at Forecastle Research as he explores how today’s changing workforce will use technology to complement and extend human capability.

Stephen explores three areas that will require digital improvement:

  • Digital literacy - ensuring people of all ages interact successfully with technology
  • Hybrid learning - improving learning effectiveness and efficiency
  • Augmentation - learning to effectively combine humans and machines.
Read how digital technologies need to be humanised

Podcast: What role does artificial intelligence and technology play in learning?

In episode three of our ‘Tomorrow’s Organisations’ podcast series, Alex Beard from Teach for All and Tirath Virdee, our Director of Artificial Intelligence, discuss how human learning differs from machine learning and what we can gain from both.

Listen to Alex and Tirath discuss how continual learning and training should be reflected in the business world, the implications of technology revolutions, both in education and in the workplace, and  what it means to be human in this technological age.

Presenters: Alex Beard, Author of Natural Born Learners | Tirath Virdee, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Capita 

Duration: 16 mins

Prediction: Artificial intelligence in education

AI in education is changing how we learn and teach with far reaching implications.

Tirath Virdee, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Capita, gives his predictions on how technology could change learning over the next 10 years:

  • Changes to the student lifecycle
  • More distance learning
  • Grading and assessment automation
  • Changes to the role of the teacher
  • Predictive analytics on student’s attainment.
10 predictions for education technologies

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