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Business transformation

Helping your organisation become more relevant, competitive, effective and a better place to work.

Business transformation looks at every part of your organisation to understand where changes could be made to make the most of, and transform, your customer experience, operations, processes, technology, capabilities and people. 


How we work

We work alongside you to solve your toughest problems and drive sustainable change. We’re not just thinkers, we’re doers, bridging the gap between creating a strategy and getting things done.

Our solutions are multidisciplinary, combining consulting rigour with creativity and a digital mindset. And, due to the scale and functional capabilities we have across Capita, we offer long-term commitment, shared incentives, shared risk and guaranteed outcomes.

We deliver:

  • rigorous processes and defined outcomes
  • a cross-sector perspective
  • multi-disciplined, tightly integrated solutions
  • understanding of a wide range of operative environments.


How we solve problems

We look at problems from four different angles, we call them lenses:

  1. Contextual – what is happening outside of an organisation that could impact the approach, such as regulatory pressures?
  2. Social – how strong is the appetite for change within the leadership?
  3. Technical – will the current platforms and technology support change?
  4. Commercial – can we balance the books at the same time as driving through change?

Organisations may appear to have a simple goal but, once you start looking at it from these different perspectives, the route that’s needed to get to there is always very different.

We’ve found the four lens review gets to the core of what needs to be done. This can include practical support to:

  • help bridge the gap between strategy and actual delivery
  • respond at pace to regulatory changes
  • help balance the need to take out costs while delivering wider benefits
  • create organisational ‘nudges’ that help you understand and solve enduring problems and pain points that affect both customers and staff
  • better understand and manage demand.


Our capabilities

Within business transformation we have four areas of capability which, while distinct in their particular focus, work together to shape and deliver the right solutions and outcomes for our clients and for our clients’ customers. Each of these capabilities is made up of ‘professions’ – teams of experts who have particular skillsets to bring to the job in hand. These professions are the basis of our teams’ own development and progression with each individual being given close support to first match with, and then develop, within a profession.


Our clients

We create truly multidisciplinary solutions and take them right through to delivery and into the future. Recent examples of our work include:

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