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Digital and technology

Managing the design, delivery and implementation of all the IT aspects of transition and transformation, from agreeing requirements with project stakeholders right through to the point of handing off of products and services to a ‘run’ team.

It is made up of:

  • System design and integration – designing and owning the systems architecture and working with existing – as well as introducing new – technologies to improve customer journeys or realise benefits.
  • Technology platform delivery – developing the delivery of the end-to-end technology solution and bringing the digital change to life – ensuring it’s embedded with customers and users and delivering results.
  • Software delivery management – managing the specific software development lifecycle, including specifying and prioritising requirements, managing system design, software development, testing, UAT, configuration management, release management and digital cutover.
  • Customer experience – using human centred design to look at the user needs for all transformation work, mapping the current and target customer journey and then developing web strategies to deliver that journey. By using behavioural insight, developing strategies to change customer and client staff behaviours to deliver outcomes to everyone’s benefit.

And, despite the name, the digital and technology capability is just one part of our overall approach to digital transformation which we look at as a much bigger transformation picture – social and behavioural – allowing our customers to take their organisation into the future.

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