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Digital specialists

Customers expect public services to be modern, accessible, online and easy to use as access to the internet becomes the norm.

This, coupled with ongoing budget cuts, highlights the need for services to be more efficient, modern and sustainable. Therefore, local authorities need to build digital systems that people prefer to use. Customers need to access services in a way that suits them, whilst still offering real savings to the local authority.

We deliver projects that re-design the customer journey to maximise existing applications, infrastructure and organisation. Our focus is on practical solutions and operational effectiveness that help you to realise cashable business benefits, whilst changing the customer experience. We work with councils' transformation programmes and in-house teams to deliver digital projects that create a step-change in the customer experience.


How we can help

We bring the best of local government experience with diverse digital capability, helping you to:


Taking an agile approach to shaping your customer facing solutions. 


Bringing the solution together to make the end to end process work. 


Supporting the go-live and the operation of the digital system. 


Our digital specialist team can work along your organisation to identify and deliver projects that re-design the customer journey and optimise your software and applications. We help you to shape, make and change your online services. Our support is available to you at any stage of this process or through the lifecycle based on what you need. 

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