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Digital strategy workshop - turning strategic ambition into delivery

We believe that being ‘digital’ goes deeper than technology. It’s about organisational change and this needs strategic leadership from the top. But this brings its own challenges.

Often organisations can struggle to gain scale and impact from a digital programme for a few simple reasons:

  • lack of a common definition of what is meant by ‘digital’
  • a limited ‘digital mindset’ amongst the leadership team
  • a complicated technology landscape with complex completing requirements. 

We know that, when everything seems to be about digital, knowing where and how to get started can be the biggest challenge. Our digital strategy workshop helps you and your team think through these challenges in a structured but creative way.

Solution in detail

Our approach: applying a digital framework

Using our bespoke diagnostic tools, our one-day digital strategy workshop is designed for senior leaders to help them:

  1. deepen their own understanding in order to collectively consider and develop an organisational definition of digital
  2. start to build a digital programme based on that definition, supported by our expert practitioners who understand your organisational context. We can help you think through these challenges in a structured but creative way.

The output is an outline design for a practical and outcomes-orientated programme, which can form the basis of your strategy or kick-start your business planning process.

Working with your context

Before the workshop:

While the workshop uses our standard framework, we know that every organisation is unique. In order to tailor the workshop for your organisation we:

  • review and analyse your current digital – and other relevant – strategies
  • work with a senior stakeholder to tailor external examples – and content that we use as part of the workshop – to your operating context
  • where appropriate, speak to other senior stakeholders to ensure that all participants can get the most out of the session.

After the workshop:

We will provide a writeup and outline programme structure, which we can present back to the project sponsor. This output will be tailored to your requirements and will ensure you can answer the ‘what next?’ question. Where needed, we can also offer ongoing coaching and support for participants who want more help in developing a digital mindset, or further guidance developing your digital programme.

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