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Intelligent communications

We enable our clients to optimise how they engage with their customers in the new online world. This helps drive new digital journeys, improves efficiency, and enhances both customer communications and – ultimately – their own experiences.

We implement industry-tailored solutions across a wide range of sectors. The results are significant process improvements and attractive ROI models. Delivering all the key services you need to keep your operations running, we’ll also support you with your digital roadmap, helping to transform your business. In fact, the transformation process is essential for our new clients as well as mature ones, so we seek to ensure you remain leaders in communication within your sector.

Process improvement is our passion. We thrive in helping clients overcome the challenges associated with handling information. Whether that’s reduced call centre activity, shorter lead times on revenue generation, or communicating with customers on their terms, our aim is to put you in control.

Our services include:

Multichannel communications

There have never been more ways to connect with customers, such as phone, letter, email, online, video and social media. These channels are often managed in isolation, without a seamless approach to provide a single joined-up experience.  Your business reputation and competitive success is under threat, unless you control and manage your customer engagement.

The challenge is integrating customer interactions. We will help you create connected experiences that drive success right across your organisation, as well as with your customers and suppliers.

Visit our website to learn more about multichannel communications.

Data capture and digitisation

By automating your internal business processes and introducing solutions that bridge your existing IT infrastructures, we can deliver scalable changes that provide immediate impact without the headache of significant upfront investment.

The benefits include:

  • Data and information received and processed swiftly
  • A single view of multiple data sources will be sent to you
  • Increases in customer engagement and enhancements to customer experience
  • Interaction from start to finish reflects customers’ preferences and move to digital.

Visit our website to learn more about our data capture and digitisation services.

Business process automation

Delivering excellence through process automation, and helping our clients transform their business, is at the heart of what we do.

We’re here to enable our clients to deliver meaningful business transformation. That means you can benefit from increased productivity and security, as well as the reduction of human error and high costs associated with manual processes. We identify those opportunities where technology can be implemented to deliver efficiency and benefit the customer communication mix. And when we do employ technology, we make sure it’s optimised and scalable.

This means that we can improve the accuracy and efficiency of labour-intensive operations within businesses, as well as support integration with our automated digital transformation solutions.

Visit our website to find out more about our business process automation services

Digital mailroom

As a specialist provider of digital mailroom services we help private and public sector organisations to deliver operational efficiency and maintain excellent customer service.

We provide a scalable and flexible service for receiving and processing incoming communications. This involves digitising content, intelligently capturing data, analysing it and directing relevant, timely information into your organisation.

Visit our website to learn more about our digital mailroom services

Digital document management

Our digital document management solution offers a GDPR-compliant high-performance service to store, transform, search and present digital content from any source.

It will integrate seamlessly with your workflow allowing the documents to become easily actionable in a secure way. It supports the effective archive and retrieval of documents as well as ensuring appropriate disposal.

By managing the capture, storage, transformation, processing and multichannel delivery of data and document output, our solution can help you to reduce operating costs and improve business efficiency.

Visit our website to learn more about digital document management. 

Records management

We can provide scalable document storage in our highly secure warehouses, designed to accommodate efficient and timely access to both physical and digital records. We provide live file storage and support this with scan-on-demand services so you can access critical information quickly.

Our collection and transportation services help consolidate and control documentation at our facilities.

Logistical support includes a fully managed service covering the boxing, indexing, palletisation and delivery of records into our secure premises. A detailed inventory and audit trail is maintained throughout the collection and transfer process. This ensures control and visibility of the critical information in our care.

Whatever your sector or size, we can manage the lifecycle of your documents. This includes the storage of all your original documents with a full audit trail, to them being securely destroyed if no longer required. This improves your efficiency, lowers operating costs and frees up time across your organisation.

Visit our website to find out more about our records management service.

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