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New report: Rebooting health and social integration - an agenda for more person-centred care

The ‘passenger’ doesn’t care how it all works, as long as it works - is it time to look at health and social integration differently?

A Localis report sponsored by Capita.

A new report from Think Tank, Localis, looks at health and social care integration and how this should be the primary driver for creating more person-centred care. Liam Booth-Smith offers his thoughts and recommendations supported by an advisory panel of key figures in the industry, two research roundtables held in London and Birmingham and the results from a YouGov survey of adults in Great Britain.

The report suggests that, to enable integration, there needs be a focus on technology. The digital revolution has not yet reshaped social care, and the opportunity should be grasped.

The best integration efforts don’t just save money they also give patients and service users more control over the care they receive. Promises of big bang revolutions just set unrealistic expectations. The Localis report demonstrates that new technology is an important means to empower patients and service users, which in turn can support better coordination of services as well as better information sharing. It is the one factor that will unite all those interested in better, more integrated care. Whether assisting people to live in their own home, helping organise care more efficiently, or giving people choice and control, the case for investment in technology is striking. In this way, the NHS and Councils can come together at the level of the individual or patient, and make the integration agenda about people, not structures.

Alex Khaldi

Market director for Health and Social Care at Capita

As a former Department of Health adviser put it: ‘If you’re flying to Singapore, but have to change airlines en route, at no point does anyone suggest the airlines merge. We put the passenger in charge and the airlines build it around them’. This report looks at explaining why health and social care integration should be the catalyst to ‘build it around the passenger’ - making it work for the individual, not creating a more perfect system for professionals.

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