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Lesley Gregory

Why is employee background checking and onboarding still done the way it is?

A question for you. When we delight in the convenience and sheer ‘smartness’ digital solutions bring to our everyday lives, why do we persist with manual solutions when we background check and onboard new employees?

It can’t be because people think it will be a better experience for the new starter. Far from it.  Following the thrill of the job offer, joiners are invariably brought down to earth by slow, manual in-house screening. And this continues beyond the start date when equipment, uniforms, IT logins and more aren’t ready. When only 12% of employees believe their organisation does a great job of onboarding, it’s no wonder 33% of new employees look for a new job in the 6 months after joining.

Recent events are driving us to question yesterday’s norms.  Technology is enabling new ways of working which is likely to become the new standard. For new employees, could this, at last, be their new, long overdue, dawn? New, more engaging digital solutions that deliver background checking and onboarding experiences that maintain the thrill of the job offer – before they start, throughout their critical early months, supporting and equipping them for success, fulfilment and productivity. No matter how many people join at the same time or across the year, in any variety of job roles and locations you can deliver a consistent, yet personalised experience for all.

Digital solutions have, of course, been proving themselves in the workplace for years.

Removing the background checking and onboarding admin burden from HR has enabled them to focus instead on policy, people development and cases that demand their expertise, whilst still owning and maintaining direction and control of the process.

Background checking and onboarding comes of age

A more practical digital answer comes in the shape of a web-based solution from Capita, the market leader in digital onboarding. Capita Onboard offers a modern digital experience that runs seamlessly from job offer through the first formative months. And incorporates behavioral science ‘nudges’ and ‘reward interactions’ that drive engagement and completion.

Business risk is also reduced. With 50%-60% of applicants exaggerating their job responsibilities, Capita Onboard ensures 100% accurate and compliant documentation collection, its automation reducing all-too-common human errors.

And, like all good apps and websites, it offers a highly personalised experience for the employee, tailored to their job role, level of seniority and their employer’s specific processes. All records are firewall-protected, secure and GDPR-compliant. And Onboard operates both at scale and at a pace that HR is unable to match. At a fraction of the cost.

Most importantly, Capita Onboard provides an enduringly positive first impression for employees. One they can tell their friends about. Either digitally – or face-to-face.

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Lesley Gregory

Product Manager for Digital Onboarding

Lesley has an extensive background in leading large talent acquisition teams in complex environments (BBC, Capita, Infosys) to deliver new joiners to start, equipped and ready to support their organisation’s business needs. Using a long- term interest in technology, data and insight to drive transformation initiatives and improve outcomes has led to a passion for creating solutions that not only streamline processes but add value and uplift user experience. She regularly contributes her thought leadership on these and allied topics.


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