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Analytics is the glue making automation strategies intelligent

Our guest contributor, TechMarketView’s Marc Hardwick, discusses the key to successful automation.

Different organisations are at very different stages on their automation journeys. While some are more mature in their adoption, the direction of travel is consistent towards greater scale, intelligence and more strategic value to the business.

As intelligent automation matures it is becoming less about the technologies themselves and more about delivering on the business outcomes that matter most to clients, be that, for example, improved customer experience, or profit-per-customer.

Any successful intelligent automation strategy requires the ‘knitting together’ of a range of capabilities, from RPA and structured processing, to AI and machine learning and more cognitive capabilities. The interaction with a human interface at both the operational and strategic level is also vital to delivering business value. Without data you cannot automate and if data is the currency of automation then analytics and insight is the brains of the operation.

Whats next?

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The ability to measure and quantify the benefits of automation is vital to its successful adoption. Analytics can provide at both the operational and the strategic level improved transparency and visibility of performance that supports the change management piece underpinning adoption. Not only does this help manage expectations as a project scales, but ensures that activity and investment remains linked to the desired business outcomes, keeping effort focused in the right places.

While every effort should rightly be placed on eliminating friction, and the panacea of straight through processing with minimal human intervention, it’s vital that any automation strategy delivers credibility with both the staff team augmenting automated processes and the management team signing-off the budget. Ultimately, it’s about keeping an implementation firmly focused on the business value that the application of insight and analytics makes for the difference between success and failure.

Photo of Marc Hardwick

Marc Hardwick

Research director, TechMarketView

Marc joined TechMarketView in 2017, as research director for BusinessProcessViews a dedicated research stream focused on UK business process services and intelligent automation. He has over twenty years’ experience in research and analysis, including an eight-year stint as director of business intelligence at Capita. Immediately prior to joining TechMarketView, Marc was commercial director at specialist research consultancy ComRes.

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