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What will it be, what can it be, and how?

LGC, Capita and local government leaders discuss the future of the high street.

This virtual event brings together experts from UK local authorities that discuss what they are doing to drive a compelling and realistic vision to guide the future of their town and how they are turning this vision into reality.

It focuses on helping local authorities to solve the many practical questions that emerge when embarking upon such work and our speakers featured have either been successful in securing recent funding for town rejuvenation or have interesting plans ahead on driving forward regeneration via their visitor economy, heritage, broadband infrastructure and the repurposing of old buildings.

The speakers cover topics including:

  • Repurposing retail buildings and maximising heritage sites
  • The visitor economy's role in town centre rejuvenation
  • Reimagining our town centres: a conceptual tool to deliver real change
  • Town's Fund plans and regeneration of the highstreets
  • The NELC Town Deal and beyond



  • Nick Golding - Chair, Editor, LGC
  • Rob Walsh - Chief Executive, North East Lincolnshire Council
  • Margie Burdis, Partnership Director, Capita
  • Matt Lamb - Director of Growth and Regeneration at Newark and Sherwood District Council
  • Robert Gatensbury, Programme Manager, Chester Regeneration
  • Michael Couglin – Deputy Chief Executive, Surrey County Council
  • James Gardner – Head of Regeneration, Harlow Council

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