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London tech week: celebrating world-leading tech from all across the UK

As we near the end of London Tech Week it's clear that the UK has an abundance of technology talent.

However, the UK's technology expertise reaches far wider and deeper than the capital.

From IoT to AI, from quantum computing to blockchain, the UK is building the platforms that will transform the way we think and act across learning, the workplace, in health and as citizens of cities and communities right across the country, and across all regions.

Our entrepreneurs and start-ups are driving change in social and commercial enterprises. Whether its Edinburgh and Glasgow's Smart City Initiatives, Newcastle's Data Science expertise, Manchester's Digital Future's leadership or Bristol's Open Data initiatives, the UK is a hotbed of talent.

Whilst London is on the map this week, we must champion the whole of the country and make the most of the thriving nationwide ecosystem we are building. Our talent is wide and diverse so let’s celebrate it!

Capita is proud to be working in partnership with public and private organisations across all regions to transform UK PLC into a digital leader. From Scotland's Wide Area Network (SWAN) - a secure, single public services network that is transforming Scotland's public sector, or leading the design, build, test and integration of the data and communications infrastructure to connect smart meters with business systems from our Manchester hub, Capita is committed to positioning the UK at the front of the new industrial revolution.

That’s why we believe in tech in the UK as a force to be reckoned with on a global stage.

Photo of Oli Freestone

Oli Freestone

Head of Institute, Capita

Oli heads up our Institute, which is part of Capita’s digital and consulting capability and is responsible for digital thought leadership, research and insights. He has worked across multiple industries as a management consultant, and has expertise in strategy, technology and innovation, and is a regular contributor to leading publications on these topics.

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