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Customer Management

From parallel reality and hyper-personalisation, to mind control and keyboard-less agents

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal pace, and one of the areas it is changing most rapidly is customer experience. Consumers are expecting ever greater degrees of personalisation, and smarter technology, especially when powered by 5G. It won’t be long before 100 people could be wandering a high street store, each looking at the same display, but each seeing a message tailored especially for them, their interests, and their shopping history. Even long-term science fiction concepts like mind control of technology, are edging towards reality.

All of which presents us with some incredible opportunities to work with our clients and move their customer experience to an entirely new level.

In this podcast, Alan Linter and James Brooks, Capita’s innovation experts, reveal some of the most interesting new developments, and make a few predictions on where the biggest impacts on customer experience and the customer journey will come.

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