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How legacy systems can be mobilised to innovate

Tech support

Cyber security

Vulnerability and the virus

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Cyber security

Only the paranoid survive

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Cyber security

Prepare for the worst

Looking at data and analytics

Insurance and pensions

Bulk purchase annuities – your 10 steps to attracting an insurer’s attention

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How to get your priorities right for recovery

Customer service representative

Customer experience

Treating customers fairly with a human-centred approach to collections

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Human resources

Achieving more through cognitive diversity

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Could entrepreneurialism revive post-pandemic Britain?

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Human resources

How do you achieve both flexibility and engagement in resourcing?

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Central government

Managing citizen demand for vital public sector

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Insurance and pensions

Rolling back the cost of equalisation

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Local government

The risk and opportunities for plan makers in the new normal

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Building on success for the future of military recruitment

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Collaborating with local government to create better outcomes for citizens

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How the innovation game has changed

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Podcast: What will be the impact of technology on public services post Covid-19?

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Customer experience

Five ways for insurers to support customers during the pandemic

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Creating better outcomes for young people with Jack Parsons

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Providing opportunities for young people with The Youth Group

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