CENTURY takes personalised learning to the next level through its intuitive personalised learning software. Using learning science, neuroscience and artificial intelligence in education, CENTURY creates constantly adapting pathways for each student and powerful assessment data for teachers.

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Improves student performance by 30%

CENTURY identifies gaps in knowledge and areas for stretch. Using this information, CENTURY creates a truly personalised learning pathway, selecting the most effective resources and concepts for each learner. By completing recommended content, students secure understanding and retain knowledge through regular memory boost tasks.


Cuts teacher workload by 6 hours per week

Built-in assessment process removes the need for micro-marking allowing for teachers to spend less time on paperwork and more time teaching. Easy-to-use dashboards provide unparalleled insight into students’ understanding and level of effort. CENTURY offers school intervention solutions as teachers can accurately target interventions in their classes. They know who to support or praise and who to challenge further.

Powerful real-time analytics for teachers & senior leaders

CENTURY personalised learning software combines high-quality learning materials tailored to support cognitive learning in education, intelligent assessment, advanced diagnostics and powerful data dashboards. Dashboards help drive whole school improvement, providing senior leaders with a rapid overview of usage, achievement and areas for improvement.

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Access to thousands of learning resources

CENTURY’s vast resource library is linked to the British curriculum, written by experienced teachers. Appropriate for Year 3 onwards, the platform covers English, Maths and Science; and allows adding and tailoring of courses. The platform is designed to be flexible - teachers can select content to assign or follow CENTURY’s recommendations.

A learning platform for school & home

CENTURY can be used on any internet-enabled device for homework and independent learning. Students can strengthen their understanding of concepts by completing recommended pathways outside of the classroom. CENTURY helps parents to support their child’s learning, keeping them informed about their child’s progress and showing them recommended content.

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“CENTURY has been a game changer for our whole school. We’re seeing dramatic improvements in student performance. Our teachers have a better understanding of their students’ needs and more time to work with their class.” Billy Downie, Headteacher at The Streetly Academy

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