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As the world responds to the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses are required to quickly migrate workforces from in-office to fully remote. This is the world's largest scale forced experiment in remote working.

Many businesses do not have the ability to manage their teams remotely, are struggling to maintain productivity, or their offshore development teams may have been taken offline completely.  It has never been more important to have a contingency workforce available to supplement existing capabilities.

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To help, we've brought together recognised experts and are making them available to UK businesses via a free virtual 2-hour workshop.

Capita Scaling Partner is working with Distributed, a tech start-up, to accelerate the adoption of globally remote software development teams for clients.

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What you’ll gain from the prioritisation workshop 

The meeting will be held over Microsoft Teams. Together, we will deep dive into your existing workload to help prioritise and clarify a brief and scope of work. We will:  

  • discuss your ongoing software development, DevOps, software maintenance and upcoming digital initiatives
  • identify potential skill gaps in the team
  • review spikes in BAU DevOps or lost resource capacity because of furloughed team or offshore development teams going offline
  • identify areas of high distraction and low value using our prioritisation framework to help you gain clarity on the scope of the work enabling delegation of work to flexible, on demand distributed development teams.

Watch our webinar with remote working experts 

Our webinar with Capita Scaling Partner, Distributed and their customer, RightIndem will help you understand: 

  • the 3 key aspects of remote work; visibility on projects, decisions log and cloud-based project documentation  
  • how to structure your team’s week to achieve full visibility on what's going on - without micro-managing  
  • the best tools to collaborate with your team 
  • the security of your network when your team is working from home  
  • the major security risks to your projects   
  • how to scale your development projects with ‘Elastic Teams’.

Questions and answers 

In our recent webinar, we supported delegates with answers to the questions:

About Capita Scaling Partner

With more than 30 years of experience under our belt, Capita knows how to work effectively at scale and has relationships with some of the largest blue-chip organisations and government departments in the UK. Capita Scaling Partner uses this weight to support start-ups to grow, giving them access to Capita’s client base, supplier base, sales expertise and commercial knowhow. 

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About Distributed 

Capita Scaling Partner is working with Distributed to help clients adopt globally remote software development teams.  Distributed enable organisations to work with fully managed, globally-distributed groups as easily as local teams, to build and maintain software faster, safer and with more visibility than ever before. Distributed builds on Capita’s position as a leader in software and digital services and will help Capita and its clients develop cutting edge products and tools in a range of industries and verticals. 

They provide UK managed, globally distributed teams on-demand for software and data projects. 

  • Contingency built-in: no reliance on local supply  
  • Distributed delivery: expert in managing remote tech teams  
  • Disaster recovery: ensure business continuity  
  • Fast to action: spin teams up in as little as 24hrs  
  • Full skillset coverage: all modern web technologies covered  
  • Cost effective: pay as you go model means total cost efficiency.

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Book your free 2-hour workshop

Using Distributed teams to combat Covid-19 

The current Covid-19 pandemic is set to impact businesses on an unprecedented scale, and with most businesses already under-resourced in their software and data teams, it has never been more important to have a contingency workforce available to supplement existing capabilities. 

Distributed, a Capita partner, provides UK managed, globally distributed teams on-demand for software and data projects. 

  • Contingency built-in - no reliance on local supply Distributed delivery
  • Expertise in managing remote tech teams
  • Disaster recovery - ensure business continuity
  • Fast to action - set up managed teams in as little as 24hrs
  • Full skillset coverage
  • All modern web technologies covered
  • Cost effective - pay as you go model.
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