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Corporate responsibility
6 July 2018

Green Week 2018 highlights

One of the ways in which we address the green agenda is through engaging with our employees in our annual Green Week campaign.

The week is all about raising awareness of our environmental impact as a business, as well as providing an opportunity to share ideas on how our employees can reduce their own environmental impact.

This year, our Green Week campaign coincided with the United Nation’s World Environment Day (5 June 2018) – an international day that encourages us all to do something to take care of the Earth. The week was led by Deborah Parker, group property director, Mark Brown, chief information officer, and James Parkhouse, CEO of Capita Travel and Events.

At Capita, our main environmental impacts come from energy use in our offices and through business travel. To help address this, our campaign focussed on how our employees can minimise their travel and their use of plastic.

How we gave back to our local community…

Supporting our local communities is at the heart of everything we do. During Green Week 2018, 87 volunteers donated 610 hours to clearing up beaches, enhancing a local nature reserve and regenerating the environment in London and Dearne Valley.

Two volunteers from London said,

“I had a fantastic time volunteering at St. Johns Wood. I met loads of new people and learned about the environment. It was great to see us all come together for a good cause.”

“We joined together on a common cause, by increasing our awareness for the environment and then doing something about it! It felt great to give back, and even better that Capita supported me to do this.”

How we made an international difference

Our colleagues in India, South Africa and Europe are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible way.

The Western Cape province in South Africa has been impacted by drought since 2015, resulting in severe water shortages in the region. To reduce water use, our colleagues in South Africa pledged to not use more than 50 litres a day for 15 days to avoid day zero.

In India, paper and food waste remain two of the most prevailing challenges in our offices. Over the past year, our colleagues in India have reduced their paper towel waste by 46% and their food waste by 16%.

How we addressed the green agenda through our clients

Over the past few years, we have been working with our clients on a variety of exciting projects to address the green agenda. This Green Week we highlighted projects such as our work with, Urban Vision, Real Estate and Infrastructure, Fera and Blackburn and Darwen council.

We pledged to reduce our plastic use…

As part of our campaign, we encouraged our employees to make a personal pledge to reduce their plastic use.

Deborah Parker, Capita property director, said, “One of the responsibilities of the Capita Property Team is to look at the way our operations impact the environment. We know that our biggest impacts are from the energy we use to light, heat and cool our premises, the waste we generate and the travelling we do to get our work done. As a property team, we can make some changes to the way we manage our buildings.”

We have been looking at ways to minimise our plastic use. To start things off, we have removed plastic cups from 28 of our sites - covering 16% of our UK population. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our plastic use.

I am delighted at the response we had to Capita’s Green Week. Our message was simple; say no to plastic and no to travel. It is great to see how many people pledged to stop using plastic in their daily lives and how many people are taking advantage of Office 365 to collaborate and link up with people across Capita. Thank you to everyone that got out into nature and volunteered – your efforts were very much appreciated in the local communities. We all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and all the small changes we made in Green Week and beyond add up to big changes. Together, we can and will make a difference.

Jennie Colville

Head of sustainability, Capita

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