Giving people the right answer at the right time

How can your contact centres and customer service teams deal with a surge of calls from people desperate for information and reassurance, while maintaining service levels and ensuring that they’re prioritising the most critical enquiries?

Our Conversational AI solution is a proven piece of technology that you can deploy quickly and easily to take the pressure off your human contact centre employees, and to give callers a fast, accurate response. Our voice marketing solution can also be set up quickly, to supplement or even replace your existing customer services when your employees are unable to get to work. And our robotic process automation is giving highly skilled healthcare professionals more time for patient care by taking on repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Inbound Service

Giving your employees peace of mind

remote working

With the Government now requesting employees to work from home where they can, it can present a challenge to businesses not used to remote working. Capita’s Workforce Management software keeps payroll and HR processes running smoothly, no matter where employees are working.  It allows employees to log their hours and absence remotely on web and mobile devices, relieving pressure on BAU activity. When there is so much uncertainty around you can give your employees the peace of mind that they will be paid accurately for the work they do.

Communication is an enabler to ensure that employees feel connected to the business, supported during a time of change, engaged and productive. It is more important than ever. We work with employers to deliver appropriate and timely employee communications.

We have immediate continuity solutions for pensions and payroll including support centres for query management and emergency or temporary payroll, ensuring that your people continue to be paid. Our staff are already working remotely and are federated in case of localised outbreaks.

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Using technology to let people focus on the work that matters

During challenging times we need highly skilled workers to be able to focus on the work that matters and not having to spend significant amounts of their time completing repetitive, lengthy administrative tasks. Our robotic process automation is removing the burden of repetitive tasks from nurses and healthcare admin staff, freeing up personnel and improving compliance and time management. By using BOTS to automate processes wherever we can, teams can focus on their core tasks.

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Remote 2

Business continuity and resilience


How can your organisation be sure that its contingency planning can maintain as many 'business as usual' services as it can? People, processes, and control measures are key elements to ensure the resiliency and flexibility needed to overcome any potential risks

There is a shortage of certain key skills and an urgent need to re-purpose existing capabilities to meet new challenges. Our contingent and other sourcing solutions can solve immediate continuity or scale shortages. Many companies have recently hired or continue to hire during this time. Some are being asked to repurpose manufacturing capability to produce products that are in short supply. Getting staff into certain key roles quickly is more important than ever. As well as finding the skills that you need, we have the digital screening and onboarding capabilities to make sure your new people are productive from day one.

Our business continuity consultancy gives companies the professional support they need to identify and resolve possible failures, and our business continuity testing service allows them to test their business continuity plan to the limit – putting it under the same amount of stress it would face during a real crisis – to reveal any flaws.

Scenario planning is equally important in the public sector, which must maintain vital services during difficult times. Our resilience services help local councils to keep collecting revenue, paying benefits and keeping their property assets in good condition. And our emergency out-of-hours solution for councils and housing associations means that people can get vital support when they need it most.

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Taking the strain

Employers and employees alike are facing a lot of disruption, caused by COVID-19, and need to have mechanisms for coping over the next few months. They need longer-term solutions in place.

Local authorities and housing associations can continue to provide excellent customer support out of hours – and get crucial support during working hours when their own customer service teams can’t cope – with the help of our emergency out of hours service. Our experts answer calls quickly, triage them and identify solutions, ensuring people get the help they need in an emergency.

Our Rapid Response Programme Management and Delivery service helps central government to cope with surges in demand for extra capacity and processing – to ensure that essential operational resources are delivered in any circumstance.

And we’re helping to ensure that the most vulnerable people in society continue to get the support they need, even when they’ve been advised to stay at home to minimise the impact of COVID-19, with our Assessments as a Service solution.

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Strain 2

Minimising the disruption to learning and training


From enabling technology in schools to ensuring employees are able to continue their learner journey, we can support the ongoing activity across a range of programmes.

Providing the technology for schools to access online classroom and assessment tools, setting and marking work which students do at home, we can support you to continue teaching.

Remote access to your network and hosted libraries mean that teachers and staff can engage students safely and provide valuable resources from wherever they have an internet connection. We also make it possible to keep up with staff personal development and ensure empty school buildings are safely maintained.

Working from home means learning & training from home. This is fundamentally changing the approach to learning and training. Our training and e-learning solutions feature rapid models for transforming your existing face to face training and learning programmes into digital ones.

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Supporting the pandemic response

The COVID-19 pandemic requires a co-ordinated and consistent national response to relieve the burden on wider care services.

We have several services that act as existing support tools in the health sector, our SALUS specialist pandemic response solution harnesses the power of digital technology to help national governments and healthcare systems respond quickly to the demand for expert information and guidance.  Our decision support service gives up to date and evidence-based clinical information and ResponsEye allows clients to send a text message to the caller to enable live streaming of video, or photo upload, to enable better, quicker decision making and prioritisation. It is easily deployable from the Cloud as a service.

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