Education technology

Improving outcomes for teachers and pupils with intuitive solutions

Our range of education software solutions can help your learning establishment run much more efficiently.

Our information system, SIMS, assists over 21,000 schools worldwide with financial management, process organisation and more. UNIT-e fulfils a similar function for further and higher-education colleges. More than 8,000 establishments use Reading Cloud, our easy, cost-effective way to catalogue libraries, while our new Entrust Education Space systems give NQTs, school leaders and governors access to vital self-evaluation and development resources.

We’re focused on developing even smarter software to help your establishment reach the highest standards.

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More than 21,000 schools trust SIMS every day

Capita SIMS is the management information system at the heart of 21,000 schools, including over 700 independent and international schools in 49 countries. SIMS provides the tools to efficiently manage daily school life and drive improvement in learner outcomes.

SIMS provides school teams with the tools they need. Once implemented, SIMS surprises them with how easy and quick it is to efficiently manage school life and drive improvement. Whether you want to shake up your school MIS or just get more from SIMS, we can help and we’ll be here for you every step of the way.

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Reading cloud

Enhancing learning with the right library facilities

Our library and reading solutions are designed to encourage reading and independent learning, drive parental engagement, support coursework and meet curriculum objectives, 24/7 on any device.

With its engaging online community our leading library management system offers genuine flexibiity to schools, academies, 6th form colleges and Multi-Academy Trusts.

With Reading Cloud you have all the features and functionality you’d expect from a leading library management system, as well as an innovative online student engagement community, which supports you in promoting reading for pleasure and encouraging students to engage with the library. 

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IT support and access

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When something goes wrong it’s vital you know where to turn

Our field, on-site, remote monitoring and project services are designed to give you access to a pool of resources, with specialist IT skills, to keep your organisation running.

We can support the ongoing health and maintenance of your IT estate by providing the tools, visibility and insight needed to drive consistent performance.

Alternatively, our field engineers can ensure that, when things do go wrong, local engineers are on hand and ready to respond quickly, reducing the time it takes to resolve problems.

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Finance support

A powerful new solution for managing finances across academies and academy groups

SIMS Finance is our new financial management solution for MATs which provides academies or multi-academy trusts with a streamlined, complete and consolidated picture of their finances.

Why choose SIMS finance?

  • It is cloud based - access any time, anywhere
  • Unlimited users – no charge for additional logins
  • It integrates with SIMS
  • GDPR compliant
  • It is fully encrypted and secure
  • Fully authorised process work flows.
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Further education institution

UNIT-e is your education management partner in success

With an ever-changing further and higher education landscape, colleges, independent HEIs and training providers need to think and act commercially to achieve their goals. From managing diverse provision across multiple sites, to growing college HE business or apprenticeship programmes, today’s forward-looking education management teams must choose solutions that will continuously and affordably evolve. ​

From single-site community colleges and specialist HEIs to ambitious nationwide college groups and mixed economy providers, we're partnering with a new breed of further and higher education institutions to build solutions that evolve to meet the changing ways students and staff want to use them.

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Digital learning and training

There has been no bigger recent disruption than that faced by millions of workers up and down the country. Working from home means learning and training from home. The approach to learning and training is about to undergo a fundamental change that is likely to be a long-lasting one.

Organisations are experiencing cancellation of scheduled training events, whilst mandatory training requirements still need to be supported, and at the same time many employees have spare time as a result of interruption of regular business activities.

Our training and e-learning solutions feature rapid models for transforming your existing face to face training and learning programmes into digital ones.

The key challenges include rapidly converting priority face to face training content, having a technical delivery infrastructure and a lack of digital content and creation skills. Capita learning and training platforms can help you navigate these challenges and continue to support your employees learning and development needs. We take care of the design of the programmes whilst optimising technical architectures to support delivery of digital and virtual learning. We upskill face-to-face delivery teams to design and create digital and virtual training material, and support rapid role diversification to support re-focused business needs

Our platforms help you emerge stronger for the future by embedding a culture of digital learning with approaches and techniques piloted to feed a longer-term approach. By instilling a resilient adaptable workplace learning strategy, we allow you to re-introduce face-to-face training events where they add the most value, as part of a wider digital blend.

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