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Capita is a leading supplier of digital and technology-enabled services to public education providers across the UK. We work closely with the DfE and over 21,000 schools across the UK and are here to help support and navigate you through these unprecedented times.Improving outcomes for teachers and pupils with intuitive solutions.

Capita SIMS

Whether you’re dealing with key workers’ or vulnerable children, parents juggling working from home with remote learning, each have their own complexities. Capita SIMS has a range of solutions to help you keep track of pupils attending for safeguarding purposes, engage parents and children by setting homework, facilitate remote teaching and efficiently managing two-way communication.

Many business processes are also still taking place to support self-evaluation, forward planning activities and fulfilment of statutory obligations of the school despite fundamental changes to how schools operate. SIMS can help you to automate some of these processes so that you can concentrate on the more pressing issues of the moment.

For further schools software support find out more about our new webinar programme.

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Capita Reading Cloud

We also hope to be able to make things a little easier for you when it comes to managing your school library resources and keeping students reading for pleasure when they’re coping with their particular “new normal”.

Whether you’re using Reading Cloud, Junior Librarian or Eclipse in your school already or you’re using a different library management system, there are lots of ways in which we can help you; from reading and creative writing competitions to engage your students, support with accessing your system and the online student engagement community from home, to innovative tools enabling you to really understand your students’ reading personalities so you’re able to keep each child fully engaged during school closures.

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Schools support services

Continued professional development

Education has never been so disrupted and Covid-19 is changing the way we learn. We believe quality education improvement services, innovatively designed and powered by technology, are critical to delivering better outcomes in education during these difficult times.  Our online training solutions offer innovation, reliable technology and practitioner’s expert knowledge to help both your leadership team and teaching staff keep on top of their continued professional development whilst they work from home. Your staff will have access to self-evaluation tools, professional development activities and resources, peer-to-peer support and invaluable advice from our practitioners and mentors.

Teaching and learning

We’re here to help schools adapt to their new ways of working and support learning outside the classroom. From supporting pupils in EYFS with phonics to providing careers guidance to our school leavers, our practitioners can help.  Our Education Improvement teams can support you to develop your remote learning strategy, provide useful resources and help you make best use of your technology so you can collaborate effectively with staff, pupils and your Governing Board.

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Business continuity and compliance

At times of national crisis, we are here to help your school run smoothly. From providing a BACS Bureau service and remote finance support, to helping you with all your property maintenance, we will help ensure business continuity and compliance. We can also help with any IT upgrades or property refurbishments whilst your school may be quiet or closed. Let us take some of the strain so you can focus on the important things and continue to support children of key workers.


Safeguarding is as important as ever with online threats such as radicalisation, extremism, cyber bullying, pornography and grooming, but we understand it may be trickier to monitor and manage with skeleton staff. Let us help! We have a team of safeguarding experts who will monitor systems and notify you of any safeguarding concerns. Where necessary, we can also support your school in dealing with or escalating safeguarding situations.

Find out more on how we can support with keeping schools going, our free resources and webinars to support teacher, pupils and parents.

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Training & e-learning

Digital learning and training

There has been no bigger recent disruption than that faced by millions of workers up and down the country. Working from home means learning and training from home. The approach to learning and training is about to undergo a fundamental change that is likely to be a long-lasting one.

Organisations are experiencing cancellation of scheduled training events, whilst mandatory training requirements still need to be supported, and at the same time many employees have spare time as a result of interruption of regular business activities.

Our training and e-learning solutions feature rapid models for transforming your existing face to face training and learning programmes into digital ones.

The key challenges include rapidly converting priority face to face training content, having a technical delivery infrastructure and a lack of digital content and creation skills. Capita learning and training platforms can help you navigate these challenges and continue to support your employees learning and development needs. We take care of the design of the programmes whilst optimising technical architectures to support delivery of digital and virtual learning. We upskill face-to-face delivery teams to design and create digital and virtual training material, and support rapid role diversification to support re-focused business needs.

Our platforms help you emerge stronger for the future by embedding a culture of digital learning with approaches and techniques piloted to feed a longer-term approach. By instilling a resilient adaptable workplace learning strategy, we allow you to re-introduce face-to-face training events where they add the most value, as part of a wider digital blend.

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