Technology to support business continuity and resilience

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, business as usual takes on a new meaning for most organisations, and technology is playing a bigger role than ever before in ensuring business success in this new environment.
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Now is the time to understand how technology will play a critical role for your business success in the rapidly changing landscape.

There’s no doubt this is a wake-up call for all organisations that have to date prioritised a focus on daily operational needs and sometimes at the expense of investing in digital business and long-term resilience.

Organisations that can rebalance business priorities and technology investments are in a much better position to capture future growth.

We are here to help by adding immediate value to your organisation and deliver better outcomes now.

    Time to navigate through challenges

    By creating workplace solutions to support and empower the workforce of the future, we're enabling flexible and remote working. From ensuring secure access, to implementing collaboration tools such as webex and conferencing and high-end telepresence technologies.

    This can help your business continue to progress on key activities, ensure open communication with your employees and deliver the best value for your customers online.

    We are here to provide guidance and support on short-term actions with a breadth of technical expertise whilst also being ready to partner strategically when the time is right to support longer-term objectives.

    Resource availability and collaboration enablement services:

    • Application accessibility consultancy – recommendations of best solutions to meet requirements (e.g. VDI for local applications with limited access to corporate laptops, VPN where laptops are available, IAM for access to cloud resources).
    • Network capacity and utilisation consultancy.
    • Collaboration software offers such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and Google Hangouts.

    Business continuity


    Business Continuity Consultancy

    Gap analysis, and or risk mitigation strategy creation tailored for your business, covering all aspects required to ensure resilience. Encompasses people and process, as well as where appropriate, technology.


    Business Continuity Testing

    Identifying risks within your businesses, analysing the mitigation strategies, and continuous report on results to tailor solutions to your organisation.


    Automation Consultancy

    Focussing on the reduction of risks by identifying critical processes which could be affected by staff shortages and outlining options for your specific needs to automate.

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