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As the UK’s leading onshore contact centre operator, we help you adapt to surges in enquiries by setting up customer services with experienced agents, introducing chatbots as the first line of response, and enabling agents to work securely from home.
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Conversational AI

Conversational AI can be your first line of defence

When calls increase customer satisfaction doesn’t have to suffer. Conversational AI is uniquely suited to act as the first line of urgent enquiry during disruptive events.

It can deliver critical information to customers, so lifting the load from contact centres, and preventing BAU from grinding to a halt as advisers become swamped with calls.

Conversational AI is a solution that is quick and easy to deploy, simple to scale, and has minimal impact on resources. It can be updated rapidly and continuously from trusted sources, and with a few lines of code and the right content it can be up and running within a day.

By using conversational AI to respond rapidly to customers during challenging times you can instil confidence, maintain your reputation and relieve stress from your staff and customers.

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Virtual contact centre


Keeping our agents on the line for your customers

Even in times of such unprecedented disruption, it’s critical that organisations maintain a good experience for their customers, with rapid and accurate responses to their enquiries.

As ever, experienced, knowledgeable, empathetic agents are the crucial ingredient in making that happen. But bringing large numbers of them together in traditional contact centres has been made impossible by the isolation requirements of social distancing.

Our virtual contact centre solution has been designed to help you continue your business activities in difficult circumstances. It enables those expert agents to continue fielding the contacts that secure your success, by working from home, supported by advanced technology that allows them to operate securely and effectively, with the minimum of equipment.

Even at times of huge demand, your customers will still receive an exceptional service. And importantly, your business will continue to benefit from the analysis and reporting tools that are indispensable to informed decision making in these challenging circumstances.

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Rapid contact centre response

Helping businesses to communicate with their customers

Customers and conversations may vary from sector to sector, but during times of disruption the need to provide clients with flexible and reliable customer support is crucial.

We can quickly set up agile contact teams to give clients the ability to scale up or down resources to meet volume demands. By using a number of different channels, including webchat and social media, we give them the opportunity to engage with more customers online.

We’ve helped other clients respond in a range of ways to disruptive events in the past, often setting up teams in a matter of days, even under 24 hours. We know what works. As well as being able to set up contact teams speedily, we can also guide businesses through the process, helping them identify what they need to do, and where the surprises will most likely come from.

We combine a data-driven multi-channel approach with powerful analytics capability to support some of the biggest brands in the UK.

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The most innovative brands choose LivePerson to power conversational commerce

Our AI-powered conversational platform makes it easy for consumers to get answers to questions in messaging channels they already use every day. At times of disruption LivePerson can help you expand your messaging capability and reassure more customers. With LivePerson you can:

  • expand the functionality of your website or mobile app with native messaging capability
  • help consumers get answers to their questions, without them needing to pick up the phone and wait on hold
  • increase the number of customer conversions.
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Out of hours


Around the clock customer service support for citizens

Local authorities, housing associations and other public sector providers must ensure that around the clock customer service is available for citizens who need urgent support. Emergency homelessness, social services support, dangerous structures, environmental health and emergency highway issues, to name a few, all require immediate attention and guidance. 

‘Response out of hours’ is a nationally shared out of hours customer service partnership, delivered by Ealing London Borough Council and Capita. Public sector bodies such as local authorities, housing associations and health service providers can join the partnership, wherever they are in the UK, to access a large pool of highly skilled and experienced customer service agents, to deliver their out of hours customer service requirements.

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Enabling critical services to manage reduced staffing and increased calls

Service providers in healthcare, local government, utilities and customer management are all having to deal with increased calls due to the increased pressure on their services. At the same time they need to manage their own reduced staffing levels. This means it's vital to appropriately triage and prioritise calls in order to provide sufficient levels of service and maintain public confidence.

ResponsEye allows clients to send a text message to the caller to enable them to live stream video or upload photos. This view from the scene enables better, quicker decision making and prioritisation.

The media can also be shared with responding service providers, so that they are fully informed and prepared, thus reducing time on site. There may well be cases that once a video is viewed in the call centre, physical response is deemed unnecessary as instructions can be provided to the caller to self-help. This can free up response resources for higher priority tasks. Responding staff can also use the service to call on remote expert advice to assist if required.

ResponsEye can help:

  • Triage and prioritise service response
  • Provide responding staff with more accurate information
  • Reduce response requirements through self-help instruction
  • Provide access to expert advice through media sharing

As ResponsEye is easily deployable from the Cloud as a service, it can be in use quickly with no need for infrastructure.

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Pandemic response


Powerful patient relationship management

Healthcare providers across the world face the same challenges of providing access to quality care while managing rising demand.

Capita have ready a specialist pandemic response solution to support national governments and healthcare systems. Our Covid-19 algorithms and web guides have been embedded into dedicated Coronavirus response solutions which are available, either as a turnkey national response solution or can be integrated with existing infrastructure and contact centres, for decision support and clinical content.

We are offering our Salus solution and clinical content in Azure Cloud for rapid deployment and are be able to translate the Covid-19 dispositions and web guides into respective languages. Capita are working with DIT to bring our solution to the attention of governments & Ministries of Health internationally to support their Coronavirus response.

Salus is a ready to deploy national pandemic solution to help countries respond to critical demand for expert information and guidance for all citizens. It:

  • relieves burden on triage and wider healthcare services
  • frees up resources as calls can be handled by non-clinical staff / citizens can self serve.  
  • harnesses power of digital technologies to respond quickly to national healthcare needs
  • helps governments care for people.
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Robotic process automation

Creating a faster, simpler route to business automation 

We deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a Service so organisations can automate and accelerate their business processes on demand.

This means you gain all the operational benefits of RPA, but without the need for costly investment in technology infrastructure, licences or professional services. We bring you the flexibility of RPA at peak times, so you only use it when you need it.

We can provide true value at each stage of the RPA process, boosting productivity, reducing errors, improving compliance and removing the repetitive, manual tasks that consume your people’s time. Instead, they can focus on your customers and on the situations that require the human touch.

As your partner, we’ll identify the RPA opportunities which would have the most impact on your business. Then we’ll design, implement and manage the bots that will transform your processes, and run seamlessly with your operation, without demanding major changes to your organisation.

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Bringing the very best in payment services together with Pay360

Pay360 has been providing secure payment services for over 18 years. It helps clients to offer seamless payment experiences across all payment channels, whether online, over the phone or face to face.

It's flexible, scalable and secure, processing over 255 million card transactions worth £11 billion every year

We'll help you take any payment, anywhere so you can offer a seamless payment experience. 

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