Virtual contact centre

We’re helping some of the biggest organisations in the UK to continue to deliver excellent customer service during challenging times by using the latest technology to enable their agents to work from home.
Customer service rep working from home

Delivering excellent customer service with remote-working technology

Our robust, secure, easily scalable virtual contact centre lets customer service agents work remotely with the minimum of equipment and only a basic Wi-Fi connection. It’s fast to set up and easily integrated with your existing customer relationship management systems.

Agents can check customer information through a simple user interface that they access on their own PC, laptop or tablet and a virtual call management platform routes calls directly to and from their mobiles.

Our robust, secure cloud technology lets great agents do what they do best during a time of huge customer demand and potential staff shortages – supporting your customers while protecting your revenue and reputation, and strengthening your business resilience.

Remote working enables you to retain existing agents and unlocks a source of new ones, for whom contact centre working might have been impossible.

We can scale virtual contact centres easily to meet your business requirements, while keeping costs down through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).


Key benefits


Easy to set up

Agents don’t need specialist equipment or superfast broadband. They can use their own mobile devices and a basic home Wi-Fi connection.


Calls remain secure

A secure portal routes customers’ calls and information to agents’ devices. They’re kept up to date with your customers’ needs and circumstances, and can support them with excellent service.


Performance is maintained

Supervisors have their own view for monitoring calls, ensuring that agents are delivering the performance levels your business expects while working remotely.


Crucial MI is uninterrupted

Supplies the in-depth analysis and reporting tools that are even more vital for informed decision making in these disruptive times.

How it works

In our virtual contact centre, agents log into a secure web portal from home, using their own broadband provider and any device that supports a secure, modern browser.

Once they’ve got through authentication, they’ll see their familiar office desktop. They use their own mobile phone to take calls, keeping voice quality high and unaffected by home bandwidth issues.

Full and seamless security

The transmission path is fully encrypted and completely secured. There are no security issues if the agent’s home Wi-Fi connection is  shared.

If agents need to handle credit card data, calls can be swiftly transferred to an on-site operator to ensure that they comply with payment card industry rules.

Good for your business… and your employees

Our virtual contact centre means your agents can:

  • take advantage of more flexible shift patterns to suit their home life
  • remain at home and avoid unnecessary travel, helping them to stay safe
  • keep busy, making them feel valued and supporting their mental health during these difficult times.

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