Strengthening your operations with responsive, resilient resourcing

We know many of you are having to deploy resources quickly to meet differentiated demand. From rapidly screening and onboarding new staff to filling professional skills gaps and providing dedicated remote support teams, we can help.

Office based work

Business continuity

Creating workplace solutions to support and empower the workforce of the future.

We're enabling flexible and remote working, from ensuring secure access to implementing collaboration tools, such as webex, conferencing and high end telepresence technologies.

We can design, build, operate and optimise every form of network service and transform your office with smart building technology.

While our end user solutions help you find the best way to give your workforce the equipment, access, applications and software they need to do their jobs. 

Whether we're helping O2 to analyse customer conversations in real-time or giving Haringey Sixth Form College access to collaborative educational resources and communications, we're always looking ahead to make sure we're delivering the cutting-edge technology and expertise our clients need to thrive.

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Contingent workforce


There is a shortage of certain key skills and an urgent need to re-purpose existing capabilities to meet new challenges. Our contingent and other sourcing solutions can solve immediate continuity or scale shortages.

Many companies have recently hired or continue to hire during this time. Some are being asked to repurpose manufacturing capability to produce products that are in short supply.

Getting staff into certain key roles quickly and making sure your new people are productive from day one is more important than ever.

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Contingent payroll and HR

We can ensure immediate continuity for payroll & HR including support centres for query management and emergency or temporary payroll, ensuring that your people continue to be paid.

Our staff are already working remotely and are federated in case of localised outbreaks.

Our contingent payroll services include the ability to deploy fast emergency net payment runs to your staff. This can be set up and actioned in a matter of minutes. Our gross to net payroll bureau facilities include third party payments, and our fully managed payroll service can act as a standalone or as a complimentary one to your existing resources.

It can be tailored because it’s flexible and focused solely on you. Our multi-channel HR query responsiveness options help you cope with increased volumes. The ticketing and case management solutions provide valuable information at pace.

Our end-to-end data services equip you with an established set of effective processes and procedures to futureproof your capabilities and manage your people performance. Our staff are experienced, highly trained and dependable.

Our multi-channel HR Advisory support will help your managers and employees interpret and deal with the quick changing Covid-19 guidelines. We can supplement your existing resource, or step in to run a specific project. We can support HR pay and policy development on the fly, based on emerging best practice, and advise on communication channels and tracking, reporting and governance.

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Screening and onboarding


Now, more than ever, background screening and onboarding is a real business challenge.

Especially for organisations who need to screen, equip and motivate new starters at scale, speed, and with a degree of thoroughness that today’s stretched HR departments would be hard-pressed to deliver. But at Capita, we have an effective solution that meets these needs faster and more cost effectively than traditional, manual screening and onboarding processes.

Capita’s screening and onboarding dramatically reduces the average pre-start vetting timescales, ensuring that front line critical candidates can commence their duties earlier, whilst providing assurance of vetting accuracy. At its heart is a digital screening and onboarding solution that delivers your new starters with a highly personalised experience, tailored to your company, the employee’s role and even their level of seniority.

Combatting rising fraud levels, it also offers highly accurate and compliant screening, keeping your business risk low. Critical when your business needs to move at speed and your team is reduced – or working from home. 

It also provides your new employees with a modern, engaging employee experience in their early months. This is more important than ever with so many new workers starting work remotely and in need of additional support and engagement.

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Employee communication

Organisations are facing a series of challenges ranging from supporting their employees in a time of crisis to ensuring they can deliver the services that their employees expect and will need.

Communication is an enabler to ensure that employees feel connected to the business, supported during a time of change, engaged and productive. It is more important than ever.

At Capita we have developed a series of propositions to ensure that we can support any public or private sector organisation across all the touch points in the employee life cycle. We work with employers to deliver appropriate and timely employee communications.

Across pension scheme administration and HR processes, we have expertise in producing and delivering smart multi-channel employee communications via websites, emails, newsletters and social media content. We provide subject matter knowledge which provides reassurance and ensures we are reacting appropriately. The rate of inbound traffic is considerably reduced while at the same time delivering increased employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Revenues and benefits


We have been transforming revenues and benefits processes on behalf of local authorities for over 30 years.

By transforming revenue processes for local authorities we are helping them to deliver local services and create a better citizen experience. 

We collect, maximise and distribute local authority revenue, and we have many delivery options to meet your needs.

Our benefits processing expertise allows local authorities to reduce fraud and ensure eligible claimants receive payments in a timely manner. And the revenue generated through our services helps councils to better protect and invest in local public services.

Available on a long or short-term basis, we can provide a fully managed service, as well as delivering standalone projects. Our digital platforms also provide customers with a more accessible service, specifically designed for today’s modern community.

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Out of hours

Around the clock customer service support for citizens.

Local authorities, housing associations and other public sector providers must ensure that around the clock customer service is available for citizens who need urgent support. Emergency homelessness, social services support, dangerous structures, environmental health and emergency highway issues, to name a few, all require immediate attention and guidance. 

‘Response out of hours’ is a nationally shared out of hours customer service partnership, delivered by Ealing London Borough Council and Capita. Public sector bodies such as local authorities, housing associations and health service providers can join the partnership, wherever they are in the UK, to access a large pool of highly skilled and experienced customer service agents, to deliver their out of hours customer service requirements.

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Planning and building control


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Planning resilience and building control on-demand.

Our planning resilience and building control services work with you to meet shortages in capacity, determine incoming applications, no matter how big or small, and consistently deliver a high standard of service that’s unmatched. That's all within short delivery timescales for a fixed fee. Long gone are the days of traditionally commissioning individual agencies.

More for you, on-demand. With decades of local authority experience between us, our expert planners intimately understand your needs. We rapidly get up to speed on local nuance and subtlety and can take away the pain of time-consuming and complex day-to-day planning and building control tasks, freeing you up to focus on the important issues that better serve your community.

Control, on-demand. With flexible contract lengths you can dial-up or dial-down our services to meet your department’s exact needs. Our resilient team of over 100 experts can support you at any time, accounting for sickness and staffing levels, all while maintaining the same high levels of service.

Planning with peace of mind. Our ability to forecast helps your team better estimate the time and cost of clearing your backlog. We offer a granular approach to managing productivity, providing you with visibility and reassurance on levels of quality and performance in-house or off-site.

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Property surveying

Maintaining your property assets to ensure health, safety and wellbeing for all users.

Our property compliance service is dedicated to local authority buildings. We help ensure all equipment and assets remain compliant and safe at all times for the public to use.

Any issues can be reported in real time, running in parallel with your own policies, procedures and business management system.

Working in a wide range of sectors, our service is ever-evolving to meet all your needs. And we can provide professional advice throughout the lifecycle of all physical property assets, from acquisition through development, occupation and disposal.

Applying a practical approach, we offer auditing and reporting on compliance levels, along with guidance and advice on any property-related health and safety issues – all of which run on a bespoke system to manage and regulate compliance.

Our team works with you to tailor make solutions that can be introduced to remove any identified risks.

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Supply chain management and remote procurement


We recognise the challenges being faced by organisations in this difficult time and are looking at ways in which we can flex our procurement services to suit these requirements.

Currently, we have a range of services being deployed and successfully delivered remotely to meet ongoing client needs and objectives.

These solutions do typically require a slight amendment to the way we engage with clients as we move from face to face to online meetings but the governance and design principles behind the products remain to ensure best client outcomes.

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Remote clinical coding

Relieving the administrative burden with remote coding expertise

We’re shouldering the administrative burden for doctors and nurses on the front line of acute healthcare, and making sure vital patient data continues to be available during the Covid-19 pandemic, with our remote clinical coding service.

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