Supporting the pandemic response

Responding to the critical demand for expert information

During a pandemic it's vital that accurate, safe and up to date information gets through to those who need it most.

Capita have ready a specialist pandemic response solution to support national governments and healthcare systems to respond to the critical demand for expert information and guidance. Our Covid-19 TeleGuides algorithms and WebGuides have been embedded into dedicated Coronavirus response solutions which are available, either as a turnkey national solution or can be integrated with existing infrastructure and contact centres, to provide decision support and clinical content.

We are offering our Salus solution and clinical content in Azure Cloud for rapid deployment and are able to translate the Covid-19 outcomes, guidelines and advice into respective languages and appropriate to geographical requirements.

Salus can:

  • relieve burden on triage and wider healthcare services
  • free up resources as calls can be handled by non-clinical staff or citizens can self serve
  • harness the power of digital technologies to respond quickly to national healthcare needs
  • help governments care for people.
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Virtual consultations

Protecting staff and patients with remote appointments

The current health crisis means healthcare organisations are balancing unprecedented service demand at a time when many staff may be ill or needing to self-isolate.

To support sustainable, safe healthcare delivery, professional distancing is critical. This is where Capita, with over 25 years’ experience in healthcare, is uniquely placed to help.

Using next-generation video-sharing technology, our Virtual Consultations solution enables clinicians to enhance telephone consultations with a visual assessment.

Supporting self-isolation and social distancing – particularly important for vulnerable patients - Virtual Consultations enables organisations to:

  • Enable instant remote visual assessment of the patient
  • Retain a secure and safe video record of the consultation which can be attached to the patient record
  • No equipment needed within the clinician’s environment and no set up for the patient
  • Reduce physical interactions, patient and staff travel
  • Relieve demand by enabling self-isolating clinicians to provide care
Quick to set up, easy to use

Virtual Consultations is fast to set up and start using. Whilst on the phone to a patient, the clinician sends a text or email link to their smartphone which enables the phone camera to live-stream from the patient’s device with nothing to install.

The clinician then initiates a visual assessment mid-call and can share the live stream with specialist colleagues. The media is digitally fingerprinted and retained securely to be downloaded to the patient record.

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Decision support

Up to date and evidence-based clinical information is the bedrock of safe healthcare service

Our clinical content is used in decision support tools to help clinicians assess a patient’s presenting symptoms and the severity of the situation. This leads to an evidence-based outcome, relevant care advice and an efficient and timely referral to appropriate care.

Robust clinical governance processes underpin our content management and ensure that we deliver high quality, relevant and safe content. Our internal clinical authoring team of doctors and nurses continuously review and update content.

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Enabling critical services to manage reduced staffing and increased calls

Service providers in healthcare, local government, utilities, breakdown & repair, and customer management are all having to deal with increased calls due to the increased pressure on their services. At the same time they need to manage their own reduced staffing levels. This means it's vital to appropriately triage and prioritise calls in order to provide sufficient levels of service and maintain public confidence.

ResponsEye allows clients to send a text message to the caller to enable live streaming of video, or photo upload, to enable better, quicker decision making and prioritisation. It is easily deployable from the Cloud as a service.

The media can also be shared with responding service providers, so that they are fully informed and prepared, thus reducing time on site. There may well be cases that once a video is viewed in the call centre, physical response is deemed unnecessary as instructions can be provided to the caller to self-help. This can free up response resources for higher priority tasks. Responding staff can also use the service to call on remote expert advice to assist if required.

ResponsEye can help:

  • triage and prioritise service response
  • provide responding staff with more accurate information
  • reduce response requirements through self-help instruction
  • provide access to expert advice through media sharing.

As ResponsEye is cloud-based it can be deployed quickly with no need for infrastructure.

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Support for vulnerable customers

Helping people through challenging times

Covid-19 introduces an unprecedented challenge for all of society. Organisations are having to pivot their entire businesses in order to cope with this change, whilst maintaining a high level of customer service. A concern for them is the rapidly changing landscape of their vulnerable customer base alongside the developing category of key workers. Additionally, there is the pressure from wider society, as well as industry regulators, to ensure they are tracking and responding to their customer needs in a tailored way.

Learn how we are relieving the administrative burden with remote coding expertise on a journey to shaping tomorrow together.

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