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Creating workplace solutions to support and empower the workforce of the future

We're enabling flexible and remote working by ensuring secure access and implementing collaboration tools, such as webex, conferencing and high end telepresence technologies.

We can design, build, operate and optimise every form of network service and transform your office with smart building technology. While our end user solutions help you find the best way to give your workforce the equipment, access, applications and software they need to do their jobs. 

Whether we're helping O2 to analyse customer conversations in real-time or giving Haringey Sixth Form College access to collaborative educational resources and communications, we're always looking ahead to make sure we're delivering the cutting-edge technology and expertise our clients need to thrive.

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In this period of uncertainty,  companies cannot rely on old technologies or ways of working

A fixed, desk-based workforce is no longer viable. The need for remote and flexible working – with digitally smart employees – means organisations need to rethink what teamwork means to their business. Collaboration tools bring a wealth of opportunities to improve productivity, introduce virtual teams and reduce costs.

Conversations can move intuitively between desktops and mobile devices, virtual meetings can be convened spontaneously and enriched with high definition video and media, decisions can be made instantly and work conducted anywhere.

Capita's collaboration tools are specifically designed to support a dispersed workforce, bringing together voice, video, messaging, presence and conferencing into a single, seamless platform empowering your people to work effectively as a team, regardless of physical location.

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Screening and onboarding

Now, more than ever, background screening and onboarding is a real business challenge.

Especially for organisations who need to screen, equip and motivate new starters at scale, speed, and with a degree of thoroughness that today’s stretched HR departments would be hard-pressed to deliver. But at Capita, we have an effective solution that meets these needs faster and more cost effectively than traditional, manual screening and onboarding processes.

Capita’s screening and onboarding dramatically reduces the average pre-start vetting timescales, ensuring that front line critical candidates can commence their duties earlier, whilst providing assurance of vetting accuracy. At its heart is a digital screening and onboarding solution that delivers your new starters with a highly personalised experience, tailored to your company, the employee’s role and even their level of seniority.

Combatting rising fraud levels, it also offers highly accurate and compliant screening, keeping your business risk low. Critical when your business needs to move at speed and your team is reduced – or working from home. 

It also provides your new employees with a modern, engaging employee experience in their early months. This is more important than ever with so many new workers starting work remotely and in need of additional support and engagement.

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Digital learning and training

As experts in learning transformation, we are uniquely placed to help organisations get to grips with this challenge. Our consultancy services are designed to act as the strategic extension of your learning function – complementing, leading, and supporting as appropriate.

Right now, working from home means learning & training from home. There has been no bigger recent disruption than that faced by millions of workers up and down the country. This is fundamentally changing the approach to learning and training. Our training and e-learning solutions feature rapid models for transforming your existing face to face training and learning programmes into digital ones.

As a learning business we are also supporting our customers by helping their leaders and managers navigate the challenges presented by leading from a distance, whilst remaining productive and engaged themselves.

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Putting you in control

As a real business tool, Intelligent Time (iTime) gives you the time and attendance data your business requires, collating relevant and accurate information to save time, costs and resources. Configured to operate to your exact specifications our time tracking software will not only report on historical data through flexible, data-rich views, but gives you access to real-time information as well as alerting you to pre-defined issues or anomalies by email giving you total control. 

iTime offers both PC and web-based interfaces and is designed specifically to minimise the learning curve, reducing the impact of implementation on your day to day business. Because our time and attendance systems are scalable and modular, we provide quick and easy installation of card terminals. No matter how much your business develops you have a system that will grow with you, and will even integrate with remote sites.

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Employee communication

Organisations are facing a series of challenges ranging from supporting their employees in a time of crisis to ensuring they can deliver the services that their employees expect and will need. Communication is an enabler to ensure that employees feel connected to the business, supported during a time of change, engaged and productive. It is more important than ever.

At Capita we have developed a series of propositions to ensure that we can support any public or private sector organisation across all the touch points in the employee life cycle. We work with employers to deliver appropriate and timely employee communications.

Across pension scheme administration and HR processes, we have expertise in producing and delivering smart multi-channel employee communications via websites, emails, newsletters and social media content. We provide subject matter knowledge which provides reassurance and ensures we are reacting appropriately. The rate of inbound traffic is considerably reduced while at the same time delivering increased employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Resource management & furlough mitigation

Utilise your most valuable assets at a time when you need each other most. 

Retain's global resource management solution gives businesses the visbility they need of both people and assets, to ensure that projects, teams and departments are properly staffed to meet client needs. The graphical wallchart ensures instant visibility of over or under allocation of work, keeping your top performers from being over-worked, and enabling those on the bench to step up and take on new projects to develop their skillset. 

At this time of uncertainty, allow Retain to help you see who is available, and has the right skill set to transfer to a new project or department, to ease workloads to keep everyone fully utilised, mitigating the need to furlough key players. 

Trusted by the Big 4 accountancy firms and 2 of the magic circle law firms in more than 70 countries, Retain is scalable from 25 - 250,000 resources. 

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