Contingent workforce

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There is a shortage of certain key skills and an urgent need to re-purpose existing capabilities to meet new challenges. Our contingent and other sourcing solutions can solve immediate continuity or scale shortages. Many companies have recently hired or continue to hire during this time. Some are being asked to repurpose manufacturing capability to produce products that are in short supply. Getting staff into certain key roles quickly and making sure your new people are productive from day one is more important than ever.

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Out of hours

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Around the clock customer service support for citizens

Local authorities, housing associations and other public sector providers must ensure that around the clock customer service is available for citizens who need urgent support. Emergency homelessness, social services support, dangerous structures, environmental health and emergency highway issues, to name a few, all require immediate attention and guidance. 

‘Response out of hours’ is a nationally shared out of hours customer service partnership, delivered by Ealing London Borough Council and Capita. Public sector bodies such as local authorities, housing associations and health service providers can join the partnership, wherever they are in the UK, to access a large pool of highly skilled and experienced customer service agents, to deliver their out of hours customer service requirements.

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Digital learning and training

There has been no bigger recent disruption than that faced by millions of workers up and down the country.

Working from home means learning and training from home. The approach to learning and training is about to undergo a fundamental change that is likely to be a long-lasting one.

Organisations are experiencing cancellation of scheduled training events, whilst mandatory training requirements still need to be supported, and at the same time many employees have spare time as a result of interruption of regular business activities.

Our training and e-learning solutions feature rapid models for transforming your existing face to face training and learning programmes into digital ones.

The key challenges include rapidly converting priority face to face training content, having a technical delivery infrastructure and a lack of digital content and creation skills

Capita learning and training platforms can help you navigate these challenges and continue to support your employees learning and development needs, taking care the design of the programmes whilst optimising technical architectures to support delivery of digital and virtual learning. We upskill face-to-face delivery teams to design and create digital and virtual training material and support rapid role diversification to support re-focused business needs

Our platforms help you emerge stronger for the future by embedding a culture of digital learning with approaches and techniques piloted to feed a longer-term approach. By instilling a resilient adaptable workplace learning strategy, we allow you to re-introduce face-to-face training events where they add the most value, as part of a wider digital blend.

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