Using automation to ease workloads and improve outcomes

During challenging times we need highly skilled workers to be able to focus on the work that matters and not having to spend significant amounts of their time completing repetitive, lengthy administrative tasks
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Workplace management - Office 365

Creating workplace solutions to support and empower the workforce of the future

We're enabling flexible and remote working, from ensuring secure access, to implementing collaboration tools, such as webex, conferencing and high end telepresence technologies.

We can design, build, operate and optimise every form of network service and transform your office with smart building technology. While our end user solutions help you find the best way to give your workforce the equipment, access, applications and software they need to do their jobs. 

Whether we're helping O2 to analyse customer conversations in real-time or giving Haringey Sixth Form College access to collaborative educational resources and communications, we're always looking ahead to make sure we're delivering the cutting-edge technology and expertise our clients need to thrive.

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Workforce management

Workforce management is a leading provider of workforce management software solutions 

We specialise in time and attendance systems for companies whose administrative teams have to contend with complex overtime rules, varied shift premiums and other pay adjustments.

We also provide a number of complementary products, such as iCollect, our mobile clocking in system, or iAccess, our suite of biometric access systems, which can be integrated with our time and attendance provision or used as stand alone products.

These products can be tailored to you, with smart integrations and built-in scalability we can provide bespoke workforce management solutions to your business, no matter the size.

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Supporting your people through disruption

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Capita Consulting have been working closely with Outsystems, our development Partner, to leverage the power of rapid application development and low-code to design, build and deploy solutions that can support our people through the crisis.

This week our RAD Development Teams have released CapitaCHAT to our Consulting division. The application is deployed via online and mobile devices and, through a series of questions, we are quickly able to capture relevant data on the health and well-being of our people as we navigate through the various medical and logistical challenges associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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In times of uncertainty companies cannot rely on old technologies or ways of working

A fixed, desk-based workforce is no longer viable. The need for remote and flexible working – with digitally smart employees – means organisations need to rethink what teamwork means to their business. Collaboration tools bring a wealth of opportunities to improve productivity, introduce virtual teams and reduce costs.

Conversations can move intuitively between desktops and mobile devices, virtual meetings can be convened spontaneously and enriched with high definition video and media, decisions can be made instantly and work conducted anywhere.

Capita's collaboration tools are specifically designed to support a dispersed workforce, bringing together voice, video, messaging, presence and conferencing into a single, seamless platform empowering your people to work effectively as a team, regardless of physical location.

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Robotic process automation

Creating a faster, simpler route to business automation 

We deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a Service so organisations can automate and accelerate their business processes on demand.

This means you gain all the operational benefits of RPA, but without the need for costly investment in technology infrastructure, licences or professional services. We bring you the flexibility of RPA at peak times, so you only use it when you need it.

We can provide true value at each stage of the RPA process, boosting productivity, reducing errors, improving compliance and removing the repetitive, manual tasks that consume your people’s time. Instead, they can focus on your customers and on the situations that require the human touch.

As your partner, we’ll identify the RPA opportunities which would have the most impact on your business. Then we’ll design, implement and manage the bots that will transform your processes, and run seamlessly with your operation, without demanding major changes to your organisation.

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