With all of us facing disruption on a huge scale, we’re being forced to adapt like we never have before.

As evolving technologies play a vital role, learning comes outside of the classroom and organisations are forced to change their approach to working, it’s time to consider what the new normal will look like.

Discover more about dealing with disruption from Ismail Amla, Capita’s Chief Growth Officer and academic and entrepreneur, Vivek Wadwha.

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Podcast: Dealing with disruption

The world has changed overnight. As we’re forced to adapt and adjust to a new reality, what are the key characteristics of the most resilient organisations, and how can businesses improve the way they embrace innovation?

Hear from Ismail Amla, Capita’s Chief Growth Officer and Vivek Wadwha, as they discuss how innovation is fuelling the next normal, and share their predictions for how we live, work and learn will change.

Duration: 19 mins

Incremental to Exponential

Amidst constant change and advancing technologies how can large businesses rethink innovation as we move to the next normal?

In their upcoming book Incremental to Exponential, Ismail Amla and Vivek Wadwha explain the basic concepts of disruption and explore what’s happening industry by industry, teaching new methods of innovation to help leaders and employees boost their innovation metabolism.

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Our experts

Capita's Ismail Amla

Ismail Amla

Chief Growth Officer at Capita

Ismail is leading business development, sales and marketing to support our transformation and organic growth plans. In 2018 he was named as one of the top 100 most influential Black, Asian minority ethnic (BAME) leaders in the UK tech sector by Inclusive Boards.

Vivek Wadwha

Vivek Wadwha

Author and academic

Vivek has been researching and teaching technology development and innovation for over a decade at leading institutions of higher learning, such as Stanford, Duke, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon universities. He is a regular keynote speaker and a syndicated columnist with Fortune magazine, CBS MarketWatch, and the Hindustan Times.

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