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Culture change

We are about people – simple human to human contact.

Customer facing staff are, as the description implies, always at the front line. And in a sector where establishing and building customer trust is currently a key focus, providing the right training and support is critical.

Our team at BlueSky have extensive expertise (as demonstrated by more than 44 awards) in developing customer facing employees to deliver a human customer experience. They are particularly proud to have won 5 different awards with TSB, for their partnership programme The TSB Experience.

Customer service training awards 2016
UK Financial services experience awards 2016

Blue Sky excel in helping businesses get to grips with how to make it easy for customers to deal with them, stay with them, and be passionate advocates for their brand. 

They have identified that traditional people development techniques focused on soft skills are no longer fit for purpose; what motivates and influences people has moved on and customer expectations are high. This also means that there is a massive opportunity to help your customer facing team perform to the best of their ability.

BlueSky have worked with thousands of leaders, senior managers and front line agents to help them examine themselves honestly and deliver a different, often revelatory, approach. Along with their tailored sales and service programmes, they also offer specific customer focused leadership development.

Blue Sky were about making the programme a success. They were tenacious about results and measurement which started early in the process.

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