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Cyber security and optimising IT systems

We deliver rock-solid IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable and available to financial institutions.

Your business depends on the availability, reliability and security of your IT. Just five minutes of downtime can cause serious problems when so much of your day-to-day productivity and customer interaction hangs off of it. It can also be hard to stay ahead of the market and take advantage of technological innovations in the fast-moving world of finance. This is where Capita can help.

The spotlight is on financial institutions. You’re under pressure from regulators, shareholders, customers and employees.

It’s not just about delivering an exceptional service; it’s about showing you’re compliant, that you safeguard your customer data and that you are responsible corporate citizens. So why Capita for security?

  • We can ensure data security and sovereignty with our UK-based data centres
  • We deliver IT solutions that not only work, but help to meet environmental commitments
  • Our strict security requirements are evidenced by our work with local authorities and central government
  • We are trusted by financial institutions such as Prudential, AXA and Lloyds that renew their contracts with us year after year.

Examples of clients we have helped:

Client: Major global financial services provider

A major global bank engaged in retail and commercial banking, embarked on an ambitious, £10m+ project to upgrade their core, retail banking telephony system. The leading edge Nortel technology, including IVR and failover capabilities, routes calls based on staff activity levels, to the most appropriate operator across the banks’ entire call centre network. The upgrade would enable customer data to be transferred from operator to operator facilitating cross selling opportunities, removing the need for customers to repeat their personal information on call transfer.

Having engaged a software delivery partner, the bank was keen to outsource the testing phases of this high-risk project to ensure high quality, timely deliverables for their customers. The bank chose Capita to provide fully managed testing services, because of our proven contact centre credentials and our demonstrable track record with its sister company.

Read about the results we delivered in the full case study

Client: Major credit card provider

A major global credit card provider wanted to improve both the quality and cost of their IT system testing with the overriding goal of transforming the quality of service to their customers. Having identified that significant progress needed to be made in the area of change management, the organisation chose Capita to devise an appropriate testing strategy and manage their system and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) because of our ability to meet their short timescales and our reputation for providing quality testing services.

Read about the results we delivered in the full case study

Client: Regulator

Capita was contracted to deliver the latest iteration of their IT solution. This complex update represented a significant change to the existing business scenarios and associated CRM software. The objective of the project was to enable the system to automatically determine which organisations had failed in their statutory duties, and issue appropriate notices and penalties in accordance with agreed business rules.

Read about the results we delivered in the full case study

Capita IT professional services has provided Old Mutual Wealth with testing and associated services, across applications and infrastructure, since June 2011. The fact we have extended the service every year and just renewed the contract, is testament to their consistent and successful record of delivery. Old Mutual Wealth is undergoing a major business transformation and, as we have transformed, Capita has flexed the services provided in terms of resource and skills to meet our changing demand. We always find them responsive in meeting our business demands and easy to do business with.

John McCowan

Deputy CIO - Solution Delivery & IT, Old Mutual Wealth

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