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Managing regulatory change

We have a unique insight into what it means to be a regulated business, and an extensive toolkit to support it.

The regulatory landscape is currently undergoing considerable change resulting in additional pressure for financial institutions. Capita is in the unique position of both having a number of specialist regulated businesses and working with the regulator. Consequently we have a great insight into what it is like to be a regulated provider.

Our approach to governance centres on Treating Customers Fairly and safeguarding the reputation of our clients’ business. Meanwhile our vast experience in operationalising regulation, alongside our expertise in process improvement, frees our clients up to focus on delivering their business goals.

Following the successful launch of the product, Capita has been pro-active and diligent in its administration of our portfolio. Our relationship started in 2012, before Crown was acquired by Capita. The implementation and launch of the Retirement Mortgage product brought with it some unique issues, which Capita grasped quickly and resolved effectively. We were also impressed by Capita’s focus on treating customers fairly, which was a key part of our selection criteria.

Deian Jones

Managing Director, Hodge Lifetime

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