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As the leading provider of support services in education, we’re in prime position to help you react speedily and securely to changes in the sector – in schools, academies, local authorities and in further education and higher education institutions.

Our solutions help you focus on your pupils and students, as well as bolster the organisational, technological and structural changes you’re going through – all while squeezing more from reduced budgets and boosting your efficiency.

Working with more than 21,000 schools and 220 higher and further education institutions – it’s more than 15% of our entire business we have in-depth experience of the challenges you’re facing in education. Use us to take the strain with all the peripheral activity you have to undertake – and you’ll be able to devote far more of your energies and money to teaching.

We can help you address the rigours of the rapidly tightening environment you’re operating in – whether it is raising attainment for every pupil regardless of ability and background, or meeting the needs of shrewd students demanding value for money and squaring up to the challenge of finding jobs. With our support, you can more easily meet these expectations, deliver better educational outcomes and increase recruitment.

Software and IT


Our specialist information management software – SIMS – is used by 21,000 education establishments.  Whatever your area of focus, SIMS has the power to support your school or academy, helping you to continually raise standards, maximise school improvement and help teachers help children to achieve their full potential.

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SIMS Independent

SIMS Independent provides over 670 independent schools worldwide with the insight they need into every pupil, helping them deliver excellence in all areas of school life.

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Modular payment solutions that can be tailored to suit all of your education needs - no matter whether you’re a university, college or school.

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UNIT-e further education management solutions put the power of your MIS firmly into the hands of your students, staff and senior leaders. Our experience with over 130 further education providers has highlighted the importance of achieving technological agility in this fast-changing sector. That’s why we're partnering with forward-looking FE institutions to build solutions that evolve to meet the ways students and staff want to use them.

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AGILIT-e is the education management solution for universities that are determined to make an impact sooner. AGILIT-e integrates all key functions to deliver the efficiencies the sector demands without compromising the culture and individuality of your institution. From student records to library management systems, over 30 higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland rely on Capita as a trusted technology partner.

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Reading Cloud

Reading Cloud provides library management systems for all academic levels. We serve infant, primary, secondary schools and colleges. Reading Cloud is used by 15,000 schools, engaging children in reading for pleasure and driving a life-long love of reading. We also work with a number of independent and international schools helping them to develop and maintain excellence in reading.

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Capita One

Capita One is the leading supplier of information systems to children and families’ services, helping local authorities focus their finite resources on getting interventions right first time.

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IT services

We’re a leading provider of IT services to the education sector. We work with over 3,100 schools, academies and colleges across the UK supporting over 400,000 teachers and learners.

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HR and resourcing

We can provide all basic HR services, as well as resourcing and specialist recruitment, payroll, training and HR advice and case management.

We can also look after your insurance needs – such as staff absence, onsite and offsite activity and travel arrangements.

Our key services include


We have the only UK consultancy combining advice on development and design from experienced educationalists with expertise on architecture, engineering, facilities management, sports and leisure facilities and IT..

We work with academies, free schools, further education and higher education institutions, as well as government, sponsors, teachers, parents, pupils, promoters, local authorities and residents, to deliver transformational learning environments that also make real and lasting impacts on the wider community.

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Entrust is our joint venture between Capita and Staffordshire County Council.

We work across the UK in partnership with schools, academies and local authorities to provide specialist expertise around school improvement, learning technologies, and property and support services.

Now the fastest growing school-to-school support partner in England, we work in over 50 local authorities and 600 schools.

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