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Intelligence and insight solutions

Analysed in the right way, data becomes insight and insight informs actionable, intelligent decisions.

Capita has considerable experience of developing business intelligence and insight and turning it into strategies and solutions. We can then support you in applying these solutions to any – or all – parts of your organisation. 

We understand the importance of:

  • aligning reporting with business strategy and KPIs, allowing a top to bottom view of the operation that aligns with the overall strategic aims, disaggregated by service and operating functions
  • ensuring a robust data management infrastructure to ensure high levels of data quality and confidence in reports
  • automation of processes, to drive efficiencies and liberate time from operational tasks to enable for higher value activities such commentary and insight
  • timeliness of reporting, providing decision makers with up to date evidence
  • building expertise in interpretation and analytics of reported information.

Our capabilities in health include:

  • Our health advisory business links people, innovative thinking and proven change methods to help the NHS make significant long lasting improvements in safety, quality and value for money.
  • Healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services – our CHKS team provides support and solutions ranging from online healthcare performance and governance tools, to NHS hospital benchmarking and assurance and accreditation.
  • Surveys and market research – supporting management teams in making evidence-based decisions.
  • Health economics and research services.
  • Assurance and accreditation services.
  • Coding and financial assurance.

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