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Patient contact and care coordination services

Capita’s solutions can help improve patient journeys and the care experience. Our solutions cover:

Translation and interpreting

We provide language solutions to some of the UK’s largest NHS Trusts including sign language interpreting, translating medical records and report, transcribing audio medical records and reports and providing information in alternative formats such as braille and large print.

Contact management

As the UK’s leading provider of customer management services, we can deliver a range of award winning services, all focused around the customer experience.

We offer the full spectrum of customer management solutions. This includes including peak management solutions so, for example, we can ‘stand up’ an agreed number of advisors, fully trained within 24 hours to help with a pandemic or health crisis.

Medical assessments for continuing healthcare claims

We can help relieve the pressure of the deadlines set by the Department of Health for the submission of nearly a decade’s worth of retrospective Continuing Healthcare Claims. And it’s possible for CCGs to procure this service through the DWP framework agreement, significantly reducing the timescales for mobilising the service.

Membership services

We’re the longest serving provider of membership services to the NHS, offering database, recruitment, engagement and consultancy services. We provide a consultative, solutions based approach and we have a wide range of services to suit the requirements of any NHS organisations.

Disability assessment services

Disability assessments are carried out across a variety of different businesses to help government departments and agencies determine the eligibility of claimants for certain benefits and funding streams. We provide the services nationally but with a focus in the Midlands, Wales and Northern Ireland. We believe that putting claimants at the heart of everything we do helps us deliver the best service.

Medical assessments

Life, disability, critical illness and income protection insurers require some of their prospective customers to undergo a medical examination or questionnaire to inform the underwriter’s risk calculation.

Through our in-house team and network of over 300 nurses and doctors, Capita’s Medicals Direct Group (MDG) provides a range of options tailored to the requirements of each insurer, intermediary and product.


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