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Digital care solutions

The Care Act proposes a care and support system built around empowering the individual.

Local authorities are now responsible for providing measures to:

  • enable and prolong independence and ensure safeguarding
  • facilitate self-help and good decision making through easily accessible information and advice
  • ensure a range of high quality, appropriate care services to choose from.

We have a set of online solutions which support councils in meeting these responsibilities.

Capita One

Capita One enables information sharing and multi-agency working, providing a clear picture of an individual’s circumstances in a single, comprehensive record. Our innovative, intuitive solution supports local authorities to safeguard the most vulnerable and deliver better outcomes. And One’s early warning system gives you all the information you need to intervene early. Visit the One website.

Smart telecare

We’re piloting a telecare service for those with care needs who wish to stay in their own homes. Smart sensors and alarms are placed around the home to monitor and alert the relevant people in the case of unusual activity or potentially dangerous situations. For example, detectors for kitchens and bathrooms to send an alert if a tap is left running, or the oven left on; gas, fire, CO2 and heat sensitive alarms; equipment that detects falls or a lack of movement; timed medication dispensers; or sensors that monitor times when people leave their house, particularly useful for those with dementia. We’re also able to transform property itself to prolong independence at home. For more information, contact

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